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Monday, January 11, 2016

So that was a week....

Hola hola everyone! This week was... Interesting. And cold. And wet.
It was good though, don't worry!
Monday the district spent the day just kind of hanging out at the
church most of the day. Played some Phase 10, threw a basketball,
stuff like that. Then we went down to the mall because it was freezing
outside and neither Elder Salazar nor Peterson had an actual coat.
Like, Peterson went through last winter with a windbreaker and coat
liner. I don't see how they survived. I looked around a bit for some
clothes myself, since I'll be needing them in a bit (aaaaahhhh) but no
luck. Anyway, after that we went to the I's house for dinner
and family home evening. It was a really good time, that family is
super cool! Bro. I works really hard to make sure that his
house is a spiritual environment.

Tuesday was pretty slow. Funny story though: We went to the L
house, but the dad's car wasn't there, so we assumed he wasn't either.
So, as we walked around the corner to go see another guy, who would
come around the same corner but the sisters! Totally not their area,
but hey. Whatevs. Apparently Sister P is the Ls' visiting
teacher, and she took Sister Reed and Sister Madsen with her to do
some visits. So that was a little awkward. They got to teach them
though, which I guess was good. We didn't find anyone at home, so we
walked all the way back and left right as the sisters did. (They had
parked farther away though so they didn't catch us putting cards all
over their car :P)

Wednesday was the beginning of our problems. It started off with a
really good zone meeting, where we set out goals and plans for the
zone for the entire year, which hasn't officially been done before. It
was pretty cool. After that we went on exchanges. I took Elder Spencer
back to our area. Our first stop was the car dealership. Our car had
been making some weird so we decided to check it out before it got
worse. We came there expecting to be there for maybe two hours.
Instead, we got told that they would let us know tomorrow. That kind
of blew all our plans to pieces. We got a ride with some other
missionaries to the house so we could plan our next move. The problem
was that my bike had literally been packed up that morning at the bike
shop. So, we were walking. We had an appointment with F, about
a six mile walk. So we set out to go there. About two thirds of the
way there, he canceled. So, we changed our route and went to go try to
see some other people in the Triangle, but no luck either. At that
point we needed to walk home if we wanted to make it on time.

That was basically how it was the rest of the week. They kept telling
us that they would let us know about the car, but didn't . They didn't
even look at it until Friday afternoon, and we don't know what they
found yet. So we walked. We walked and walked and walked and walked
and at the same time managed to teach practically nobody. We found out
that Immigration has been cracking down  a lot lately, and someone put
up a bulletin on some Hispanic community website warning everyone not
to open their door if there are "white people you don't know with
white shirts and uniforms knocking on your door." Literally what it
said. So, no one's been opening up lately.

Good news though: J R  is FINALLY BACK! We are so happy. He
had some legal stuff to work out for the past month, so we've missed
him a lot! He's doing great too. Good ol' J.

Another bright spot: I got to sing in sacrament meeting again with
Sister Bennett! It was super good, I'll send the rehearsal video. She
has a fantastic voice, it's always nice to sing with her. Plus it was
one of my favorite hymns so all the better.

Another cool moment: we met this guy from Jerusalem named N. He's
really cool. We talked to him for a while about his life and his
beliefs (he is Muslim). We also got to talk to him about the Book of
Mormon a bit. Then when we got home that night, I was looking at the
stacks of Books of Mormon we have. In the past, I guess they had
bought a bunch of different languages, like Guatemalan dialects and
such. Anyway, what do you know? We had an Arabic one! So we took it
back to him. He seemed pretty interested in it, so hopefully he gives
it a good reading!

That's about all that happened this week. A lot of walking. A LOT. But
at least I end the day exhausted, so I sleep better! Hope you have a
wonderful week! Oh and by the way, next week will probably be the LAST

Love you guys!

Look for the video on Facebook - Andrew's mom

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