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Monday, January 4, 2016

Martinellis in Mason Jars

Hello everyone! It was a pretty awesome week! Good way to finish off
the year, I gotta say!
Monday we didn't do a whole lot, since we didn't have many miles left.
It was just Elder Peterson and I , so we just went to the mall and
people watched, had some Steak N' Shake, the usual. After P-day we
continued our search for the people we talked to during the Christmas
rush. We didn't have much luck, basically no one was home. That's the
downside to Christmas break, sometimes it's great and everyone is
home, but sometimes it's just empty.

Tuesday we had district meeting, which went well. It was a really good
one for me, I learned a lot of stuff and got a lot of inspiration on
how I can teach better. I got more out of it an I have in a while,
which is kinda annoying since I barely have time to use what I
learned! Oh well, I'm doing what I can! After District meeting we went
to Chik Fil A and had some lunch, then got to work. F told us
to come over, which is great news! He had told the missionaries a few
months ago not to come back. But now he wants us to come back, and he
wants to come to church! We also met another one of his friends who
seems really interested himself. Then we did some finding in a trailer
park where we hadn't really gone before. It went all right, we got to
talk to some people. Then we went and had dinner with  this awesome
family Elder Butler and Elder Hymas had found. Here is their deal: The
wife has family members that are Mormon, and she knows all about the
church and is super interested. She is moving to Phoenix though (woot
woot!), but her husband is staying out here working. So we came over,
and had a great dinner with them. We also had a good talk with the
husband. He's a really cool guy.

Wednesday we spent the day with Elder Spencer, since his companion was
at leadership training. It's nice having three people sometimes. The
mission rule is you can't really go into a house without any guys in
it unless you bring another one with you. So for trios we can do that!
We saw the Ro family. The mom had one of her friends over, and
we read in the Book of Mormon with her. She understood it, which was
cool! After that we were mostly wandering around until later that
night. We got in with the P family and FINALLY taught the husband
about the Restoration. He understood it well and had a lot of
questions. We have high hopes for him! Then we saw O, a guy who had
been taught by missionaries for a looooooong time, and talked with him
for a bit. We figured out more of his situation and how to help him,
so that was good.
Oh so funny moment too: we were eating dinner at the apartment and we
heard someone outside hiccuping a lot. Elder Peterson got curious to
see who it was, so we went out to "check the mail." He opened the
door, and the sister missionaries from Bartlett were knocking on our
neighbor's door! It was hilarious, they turned around and we're all,
"What are YOU guys doing here??" "Uhh we live here..." So yeah the
sisters are teaching our neighbor and occasionally leave notes if they
see our car there haha.

Anyway, Thursday was pretty fun! We went up to go see N and her
family, but they weren't home when we got there. So, we decided to
look around their neighborhood. While we were walking, we saw two guys
working on their roof. Elder Peterson, always willing to talk (which
is awesome), asked if they needed help, and they said yes! So, we got
up there on the roof! We didn't end up helping with the labor, but
they did want to know what we did as missionaries. So we had a good 20
minute discussion up there on their roof! That goes on the bucket list
haha. After we got done, N and her husband G had gotten
home, so we stopped by and talked with them for a few minutes because
G had to work. After them, we tried some more of the people in
the area and then went to President Perez' house for dinner. We had
some super good food and a lot of fun with their grandkids. They're a
hoot. When we got home, we planned on celebrating New Years at like 10
or so, but there was a LOT of partying long on, so sleep was basically
impossible. We'd bought a bottle of Martinellis and sat around for a
bit drinking it from a mason jar. It wasn't super exciting really. At
Friday, though, you'd think it was another World War. Some of the
bangs were fireworks, but a lot DEFINITELY weren't. We collected the
shells and slugs the next day to prove it haha.

Friday was pretty slow, it being the first day of the year. We did get
to meet some cool people though! The guy works with a member of the
church, and he wanted to improve his life. We can help with that haha.
So we met him and a bunch of his friends. It turns out that one of
them had a mom who was Mormon and another who talked with missionaries
a lot in Honduras! We had a really good lesson with them. That was
basically all he people who we saw that day though.

Saturday was better. We found Y after weeks of not being able to.
He's been really busy lately I guess. We set up times to visit him
though. We also went and invited everyone to church. The Ps said
they would. We also visited with the Cs, a less active family
who hadn't been to church in a long time. They said they'd come too!

Sunday was sweet! We got there early to practice a duet President
Perez called me to do with Sister Bennett. It sounds super good, she
has an amazing singing voice. I'll try to send a video of us singing
it. Anyway, THE PS AND CS CAME TO CHURCH!!! For Hna. P
it is the first time in 11 years she's been to church. It was sweet.
It was the last testimony meeting I'll have on my mission, which was
sad. I am grateful for being able to share it yesterday though. I just
love this branch so much. They are really good people, and they have a
lot of faith. After church we went back up to G's neighborhood
to try and find the roof people again. We had an AMAZING lesson with
one of them, named J. It was great. He knows scriptures like the
back of his hand, and he actually knows what they really mean! Like,
he would quote Bible verses that perfectly applied to the lesson! He
understood everything, and is excited to read the Book of Mormon. He
is totally getting baptized. :) Then we read in the Book of Mormon
with the L family, and they randomly fed us super good food. I
helped C, the oldest daughter, figure out some algebra homework.
I was surprised I remembered how to do it haha!

This year is going to be big. A lot's going to happen, and it's going
to rock! I hope your New Years was fun, and I hope all the kids enjoy
going back to school! :P
Pics: District panorama!


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