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Monday, January 18, 2016

Here we goooooooo!!!

Hello again everyone! Hope you are enjoying the day off of school and
all that. This week was a lot better! A lot less walking haha.
Monday we had another bowling day. We got the ASL sisters to come too,
so it was a big fun group! We are all terrible at bowling though,
except for Sister Brown. She had us all beat haha. When we got back
from that we went and had dinner with President P and his wife.
They were giving us a lot of marriage advice, and it was even funnier
since they disagreed with each other a lot about their advice. :P
After that we went and saw J L with him. It was a really good
visit, we talked about a lot.

Tuesday the mechanic called about the car! And.... They found
absolutely nothing wrong with it. They replaced the driver's seat belt
buckle, since it was obviously broken. We were a wee bit irritated.
But it got fixed right in time for us to give it to the English elders
and start our regularly scheduled bike week. Woo! We had district
meeting too. It was the last normal one I had left, so we brought some
of the Martinelli's grape stuff and some fancy cups and had a proper
dinner party. It was great! :P Then we headed back, worked out the
car, and went down to the G's house. The whole district decided
to do a service day for one family in the branch, and they got it! We
basically cleaned out everything. The elders raked and cleaned the
garage mostly. It took a bit, but it was good. Then we had dinner with
Hna. H and Bro. V. Good news: they finally cleared
everything up for getting married! I'll miss the wedding of course but
it's still exciting! We went out teaching with him afterwards and saw
J R with him.

Wednesday we went out with A G. That was great! He's a super
cool kid. We went out a lot with him this week. We are giving him his
mission prep training haha. So yeah, we got to see quite a few people
with him. It was a pretty average day, but a good one too. It's always
nice to have a member with you, since they can really be their friend.

Thursday we came back to finish cleaning the G's garage. It went
a lot faster than the first time, and we got it all cleaned out! It
looks nice now! Then we taught A's little brother about the
priesthood, since he had just turned 12. He is a really smart kid, he
got it really quickly. Then we went out with A again and taught the
Os and the Ps. We hadn't been able to see the Os in a
while, so it was great to see them. The Ps had been through a bit
of a rough week, so we gave the mom a blessing and basically comforted
everyone. It's easy to do that when you talk about the gospel! :) Then
we had dinner with the V family, which as usual was delicious.
After that we did some more finding and teaching. It was a busy day.

Friday wasn't as busy. We got dropped off, but we were walking all
day. We got to see A and O and talk a lot with them. Then
Bro. D and his son picked us up and took us out to dinner at a
buffet. Naturally we all got stuffed. Then they dropped us off at
N's house, our friend from Jerusalem. They were just finishing up
cooking dinner, and they told us to stay and eat. So we got stuffed
again, but this time with some very different food. It was super
delicious though! We had a good time there. Luckily no one could pick
us up so we got to walk home and burn some of it off haha.

Saturday was pretty slow at first. We walked to some people in
Bartlett but they drove off literally 2 minutes before we reached the
house. We saw their car drive by. So, we walked all he way back just
in time for Bro. T to come pick us up and go teaching. We had a
fantastic lesson with the Ps. He was just his friendly self and
they talked for hours about the gospel and  got along super well.
Definitely inspired that we took him.

Sunday we had a regional conference broadcast from Salt Lake City!
That was cool. We had Robert D. Hales, Ronald A. Rasband and Whitney
Clayton there speaking. It was a good meeting. I didn't know they did
stuff like that, and it was cool! After church we got a car (finally!)
and went to J Rs' house for dinner. Then we took him out
teaching with us. We tried to see Y, but he wasn't home so we
talked to his brother in law, M. He is a super cool guy, and he's
been looking for a church for a LONG time. We had a super good lesson
with him. Afterwards though, we had a bit of a problem. You see, with
the car we have it has a special restricted key so we don't use it too
recklessly. The only way we can get into it is by using the remote,
since keyholes are too mainstream I guess. Well, as we left there at
like 9:15 the battery died. So we were stuck. But WHAT DO YOU KNOW,
M is a diesel mechanic, and has a car opening kit. It was super
cool and the door opened in under five minutes. That was great. We
tried replacing the battery but it still doesn't work. (Another tender
mercy:The car unlocked randomly after we had replaced the battery and
it hadn't worked, so we can still drive. Phew.)

Well, this is IT! I am so pumped for this week. Great thing about old
missionaries, when you tell people you are going home and you want
them to be in church your last Sunday they actually come! Here goes!
Love you all so much! See you soon!

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