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Monday, November 24, 2014

well, not sure what to call this week

Hello! Sorry I'm writing late, we were in an INTENSE game of RISK. I had
Australia and held it off until the very end, when elder Durham came at me with 110 troops and beat me at 45. I'm proud of myself.

So, this was a pretty good week! Tuesday was specialized training, so we performed our special musical number. It was okay, not our best performance. Also we said goodbye to all the missionaries leaving, and there are a LOT of them too. Word on the street is they are transferring at least one spanish elder per companionship, and they'd have to close an area or split two. Not sure who that's gonna be, but I'm packing once again. Wednesday was a standard proselyting day. We taught Luis one of the new member lessons and then got some delicious mexican soda from Bro. Crockett! It was super good, it's called Sangria. 
Thursday was pretty good! we talked to Ricky, and actually he came to the Book of Mormon class again! We're hoping that he progresses from there. Jose went out with us again to see some other people too. He comes out with us at least 3 times a week, because he really has nothing else to do. We are extremely grateful. 
Friday we had a pretty average day, not a ton happened. Saturday was the same, but we got to talk to Jose and erica, the ex missionary and his wife. She is going really well! She's reading the Book of Mormon and really wants to learn. 
Sunday was all right. Jose had to work, so they didn't come to church. We did have Bro. Garcia's mom and aunt come in from Dallas to visit, so we had a class for gospel principles.

Well, P-days about over now, so sorry I can't write y'all back! I will see you next week! 

Llamado a Servir,
Andrew Reay

Monday, November 17, 2014

What in the name of arctic cold fronts is going on?!

So if it's any indication of how the weather was, this is what we woke up to this morning:

Yep, it SNOWED! It's all gone now, though. But yeah, it was really cold this week, I am NOT used to it. 

Anyway, what happened....... 
Monday we went out with Maria and Jose and visited one of maria's old friends, Renee. It's a guy, fyi. He is super cool. He was taught by missionaries before, a long time back. He has a daughter named Moncerat (moncy for short) who moved here recently from Mexico city. Then there is a guy there who lives there a lot named Gerardo, and he's a HOOT. We had a good time. Tuesday was district meeting, which went well. The sisters coioked us lunch, which was ham and provolone sliders with jello for dessert. It was delicious. Wednesday we froze outside looking for people who weren't home (I think they go into hibernating) and also taught Luis one of the new member discussions with Bro. Coy. Speaking of which, they are moving to AZ in December, I should have him look y'all up. Thursday was about the same. I nthe evening they had an orchestra concert/dinner, and we volunteered to help serve the food. We made taco salads for 1100+ people. It was fun! I was the cake boss, so I cut and served a LOT of cake. My dress pants were covered in frosting. Friday was another pretty slow day,  but we got homemade chicken soup from the Hulbert family, which was great. Saturday we saw some more people, which was nice. Lerin, the kitchen manager at TGI Friday's who we have been trying to see for months, was finally home. He has a 7-month old daughter. It's weird, because I remember when his wife was pregnant with her, and now she's almost walking. I've been here a while. 

Then sunday came along, and we woke up with a phone call from the English elders asking for help with the BAPTISMAL SERVICE they just got organized the day before. They had baptized a 16 year old kid named dusting a few weeks ago, and yesterday Dustin got to baptize his 2 younger brothers and his mother. It was awesome. SO in the past 5 weeks we have had 9 baptisms in the ward. Everyone is very excited. Plus we had our part member family come to church unannounced, which was a nice surprise!
Well, that was my week! Pretty slow, but also pretty awesome too! Hoping to see some miracles this week! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

I think I may actually die now

So the common comment all of this week has been "oh, you're from AZ? you're gonna freeze this week!" Yeah. NOT looking forward to it. 

So, this week! pretty good stuff too! We had zone meeting on tuesday, then song practice, then helped a family move to another house, which was fun because it was raining. We met with one of our long term investigators, Leonel. He's Maria's cousin. We showed his family the Restoration video, after which they all scattered, which destroyed our lesson plan. Sigh.  Wednesday was pretty average, except for the fact that Elder Dyorich accidentally turned the car over a raingutter opening and got it stuck on a concrete barrier. THAT was entertaining. It's all fine now, no damage.Thursday we went to the Chevy dealer AGAIN for more recall checks, and had a meeting with all of the Spanish speaking ward missionaries about all the less actives and part-member families and how to help them. That went really well, and now we are all organized! Friday was another average day, we met with one of our newer families, K.  and J. They seem pretty cool, and also pretty shady at the same time. We aren't sure yet. Then Saturday was spent proselyting again, the usual. We went out with Jose, visited about 20 people, and NO ONE was there. Maybe the Catholic church was having a party, I don't know. Then Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting! Also forgot my scriptures in English! A little stressful but I borrowed the other speaker's scriptures, and it was good. I talked about covenants. 

Well, Gotta get going! Hope you have an awesome week!

Monday, November 3, 2014


This week was the first one where it actually felt like fall the WHOLE TIME. it was awesome.  
so, this week: 
Tuesday was district meeting, it was really good. We discussed the Ordain Women presentation that was at UCA the day before, and also how important it was for investigators to come to church to progress. 
Wednesday was exchanges again! I went with Elder Wells in my area this time, and we had a good day. We met up for dinner with the others at a less active's house, and then went to TRUNK OR TREAT! It was pretty awesome. since we couldn't have a "costume," we got our suits, tied up Elder Mitchell, threw him in the trunk and BAM! we were mobsters. It was super fun, and everyone thought it was hilarious. 
 We met with a lot of our new part-members, and committed them all to church. They are all cool, especially Jose. He is 23, an elder and returned missionary. He has work a lot, though, so he can't come to church as much he wants. Then there is Roxanna and her 2 daughters, Jerusalem and Sinai (bible names, right?) who like us a lot, too. and by "like" I mean "cooks us a lot of taquitios without asking us." We aren't complaining, though. 

This weekend was the BEST, though. The sisters have been teaching this family, a mom named Amanda and her 3 girls Kelsey, Amelia and Alivia, for about 6 months now. The elders taught this kid named Dustin for about a month. ALL 5 got baptized this weekend! It was amazing to see. they all looked happy, and there is something special about all of them. they just have this "thing" about them that makes them seem very strong spiritually. I am very excited to see where they go! 

Well, that's about all I have. Have a good time eating all your halloween candy!