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Elder Andrew Reay
2250 Meadow Glade Ln.
Apt. 1
Memphis, TN 38134

Elder Andrew Reay
Arkansas Little Rock Mission
905 Kierre Drive
North Little Rock, AR 72216-3709

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Guest Post by Elder Reay's sister Marissa, who is very talented.

Late email, sorry. I’ll credit Emma for the idea, and the family for help with the lyrics, but I did a lot of them myself… šŸ˜Š Therefore, to a very familiar tune, I give you:  
Do you want to be a Mormon?

Do you want a Book of Mormon?
Will you let us come inside?
I think it’s time that you investigate;
You do not have to wait;
Your feelings, please don’t hide!
Just ask the missionaries-
We can help you out
If you just let us through the door!
Do you want a Book of Mormon?
Will you read the Book of Mormon…?
        “Come in, Elders.”
Let’s talk more!

Verse 2: the investigation
 Did you read the Book of Mormon?
Do you want to go to church?
I think your testimony’s growing well.
Your faith will start to swell
When your scriptures you will search
Then there’s the Word of Wisdom
The First Vision, too
God, Christ, and the Holy Ghost…
       (angelic choir singing instead of tick-tocking)

Verse 3: slow and serious-sounding
Do you want to be a Mormon?
Do you want to be baptized?
The font is waiting, full of water blue-
It’s right in there for you
Oh, please be wise!
Just pray to Heavn’ly Father
Feel the Holy Ghost
You’ll know what you ought to do…
Do you want  to be a Mormon?

          Yes, I do…

© Marissa Reay 2014

Week 2!

Hello! How's everyone's week going? I hope you are all well. So, Let's begin by talking about my district, since I forgot that before. There are 10 people in my district, 8 elderes and 2 hermanas. The 2 hermanas, Hermana Carlson and Hermana Dickerson, are going to Raleigh South Carolina. They're both extremely smart, and are farther along than the rest of us. then there's me and Elder Shoenfeld (who, by the way, is ALSO going to Arkansas if you didn't know). Then there are the two elders in my room, Elder Rogers and Elder Harris. They are also going to Raleigh. Then there's our district leader, Elder Carr, and his companion Elder Marshall. They are off to Ecuador, the only ones going international. And last but not least, elders Woffinden and Dougherty (both of whom our teacher calls Elder Dificil, because he can't say their names) who are going to Long Beach and Anaheim, respectively. We all get along fairly well, considering we barely know each other. 

So, my week has gone well. I was busy on Sunday, both giving a talk in full spanish and then doing the musical number (four part men's a capella, Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy, really cool sounding.) Yeah, my zone leader is a six year trained opera major at U of U. So, he's got serious chops. Not a whole lot going on, though. I forgot my battery charger for my camera, so I'm trying to find someone with a charging cable that fits. if youwantto send the camera stuff to Arkansas, I think I saw it on the bottom shelf of my bookshelf with the radio on it. We got more missionarieson Wednesday, so we are officially not newbies, which kinda freaks me out. We have two investigators that we are teaching (they're both our teachers, but still) So that's going well. 

one last thing, as of yesterday, I am officially sick. There's a gastrointestinal virus going around, and apparently i have it. i should be fine in a day or so, according to the doc. But right now, i'm on pepto bismol. Mom, don't worry, I'll be fine. 
And that's my weekly report! Hope to hear from you soon! 

Elder Reay 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ideas for what to send a missionary

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pics from the CCM

Andrew's companion, Elder Schoenfeld is on the far left.  

Not sure why he sent this, besides the fact that it is beautiful there!

The CCM and Parrots

HEY GUYS! So, my P days are on Tuesdays so I will be writing all my stuff today. First off, wow. You guys really send a lot of mail! It's nice of you though. 

okay, so the CCM. it is INCREDIBLE. It's enormous- 90 acres- and it is so gorgeous here! The majority of the trees  grow purple flowers instead of leaves right now, so that looks amazing. Marissa, you would not believe how many different birds are down here! there are parrots- PARROTS- just flying around, squawking up a storm. You'll see them in my pictures. 

so, it's been a busy week. We started teaching un investigador solamente en espaƱol, which was terrifying, starting on Friday. Still, he's reading the book of mormon, and he's coming to church so it's good. And dad, my mind has started to get a little fuzzy. Me and Elder Schoenfeld are rolling all of our Rs instinctively, and we do have to catch ourselves sometimes. But it's going along pretty well. Also we have to write five minute talks in espaƱol every week for church, even though we don't know who's speaking until they tell us after the sacrament. i still haven't gone, but I probably will soon. 

Let me just take a minute and talk about the food. I don't think I have ever eaten so well outside of my own home. Dad, you were right about the fruit and the bread products. They are the best ever. Also, I may have consumed more juice than food the first few days. The juice is absolutely amazing. Some food I don't recognize, but I think it's delicious, so I don't really care. 

Ok, so I'm going to close now. I only have an hour in here, and I want to be able to finish on time. Dad will have to translate for me. Yo quiero compartir mi testimonio a ustedes. Yo se que el Evangelio es verdadero. Yo se que nuestro Padre Celestial es amoroso, y Su Hijo, Jesucristo, es El Salvador. Este oportunidad tengo servir a el misionero es el mejor cosa en la tierra. En el nombre de Jesucristo, amen. 
Well,  I hope I didn't butcher that too much. I have to admit, i have not gotten homesick at all since I've been here. We all take care of each other, and my district and zone is the best. I'm enclosing some pictures, if I can. okay, so it looks like it' only the picture of the parrots. I guess I will send the rest later. Inline image 1

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pouch Mail

How to send a letter by mail pouch - which we hear is faster.  They go out every Monday morning.

iconInstructions for making a three-fold letter:
• Lay the blank side of the single-sheet letter facing down with the writing facing you.
• Fold the top of the letter about one-third of the way down, and crease.
• Fold the bottom of the letter to the top of the first fold, and crease.
• Use two pieces of tape or two sticker tabs on the top to secure it, not more than one inch from each side, but do not seal the ends.
• Do not include any other item in the letter such as printed pictures, currency or medication, etc.
• In the top left corner, write the return address.
• Affix a stamp in the top right corner
• In the middle of the sheet, write:
Missionary's name
MTC or Mission name
P.O. Box 30150
Salt Lake City, Ut 84130-0150

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hello Everybody!

Well, hi there! My name is Andrew Reay. I live in Peoria, Arizona, and I am 18 years old. I am currently preparing to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And by currently, I mean that I leave tomorrow. I am serving in the Arkansas Little Rock Mission. I'm going to be a Spanish speaking missionary (hence the blog title) so I am leaving tomorrow morning for the Mexico City MTC. I'm super excited! So anyhoo, I'm making this blog so that my friends and other people of the internet can stay updated on my mission! So HI! Welcome to my blog!