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Monday, December 28, 2015

Haha just kidding. Here's what happened.

Hello everyone! I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas on Friday! Our
week was pretty awesome!
Monday we got together with the other elders and went to Beale Street.
It was raining a little bit, but it wasn't too bad. We also went to
Riverside Park, which as you might think is alongside the river. It's
a really cool park, and we got some sweet pictures. I'll send them.
After that we stopped really quick at the Brown's house, since they
were on vacation and needed us to feed their hedgehog. (I know, a
hedgehog! It's sweet!) Then we chauffeured the other elders to their

Tuesday we had district meeting. It went pretty well. I got the new
sisters in the district their funny Christmas socks (the narwhal with
a Santa hat was my favorite) which they liked. Then we went to lunch
with the other elders to Gallo Giro, and a random member there paid
for our meal. Thanks! We spent the rest of the day finding people. We
found a few cool ones too, which was great! We had our usual dinner at
the Hs and then ran down to the Cs to visit them. It
was a pretty good visit, and we committed them to read the Book of
Mormon cover to cover in the coming year. The mom thinks she can
finish in 4 months. The race is on haha.

Wednesday was the same as Tuesday, except we did more finding. It was
still good though, we found a ton! All in all, I think we only gave
out 100 or 150 cards, but it was worth it. We are booked solid this
week! But yeah, it was literally all we did. It was raining in the
afternoon, so we made a lot of cookies and brownies for the members
and investigators. Thanks to Sis. H for giving the district
supplies for that!

Christmas Eve was just another day for us! We did more finding in the
day, and went to the Cs for dinner at their place. It was super
good, and they refused to stop feeding us. We were sooo full haha.
After that we went out with A to go give out the cookies to
everyone. They were well appreciated, and we had one leftover plate to give
to his family. Then we went up north to give some to the Rs, and
we found out THEY HAD THEIR BABY!!!! They had her Tuesday. Her name
is L, and she is ADORABLE. I don't have any pictures (we didn't
know it happened so we didn't have cameras) but I will work on it. So
that was a lovely surprise to end our night!

Then came CHRISTMAS!! Thanks to everyone for all the gifts I got. A
lot of them were edible, which was greatly appreciated by both me and
Elder Peterson. :P We also got matching sock ties for ourselves, which
look super cool. After opening all the presents, we went to the D's
house to Skype! It was great to see my family one last time before
actually seeing them in person! 29 days are going to FLY by. They
already have been, really. Scaring me to death. Anyway. I did that,
then watched Mr. Krueger's Christmas and Music and the Spoken Word
with the Ds while my companion talked to his folks. After that we
went to the Ps' house for dinner, which was delicious. We watched a
Nativity movie with their family and watched them open presents.

Saturday it was "back to the grind" for us! It was almost 80 degrees
outside, which wasn't the coolest thing (obviously) but we made do. We
finally got to visit the Rs again. I had missed them a lot!
After that we had the first of all the appointments we had been
setting through the week. It went about as well as we had hoped! Some
of the people were not home, but we got to teach some others, and they
seem to be very interested!  That was about all we did that day.

Sunday was good too. Sister R's family had come out to see her
baby, and they all sang in sacrament meeting. They did a great job!
Apparently her dad sang in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for several
years. If that's any indication of how they sang. We also got our
Christmas present from Bro. B, which consisted of a tie, a
razor, and nail clippers. I love that man. :) After church, we went
right back to it! We met some super awesome people and had great
lessons with them. I hope what we taught sticks with them.

Well, that was about it! I hope y'all have a wonderful New Year's and
I will see you soon!
Love, Elder Reay
Pic: Pro panorama on the Mississippi!


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