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Monday, August 17, 2015

Three's a crowd. A fun crowd, but a crowd.

Hello all! It's been another great week here in the South!
Monday was really, really fun. First off there was a lot of us, which
I hadn't seen in a P-day for a while. We had us, the Spanish north
elders and sisters, the Benton and Bryant sisters, the Little Rock
elders and the Benton elders. We decided to try deep frying stuff. So
we mad fried Oreos, Snickers, Pop Tarts, funnel cakes, and tried
tortilla chips out of corn tortillas (didn't work too well but they
tasted great). It was a lot of fun. Then we said goodbye and took
pictures with everyone who was leaving the area, which were Sis. Reed
the Spanish sister, Sis. Cawley the Bryant sister, and Elder Doty, our
district leader. After that, we had dinner with Sis. Bernal and two of
our investigators, D and O. D was the one I translated for
at church. We had a really good lesson with them, and they really have
a desire to come to church and get closer to God. We got a ride
afterwards to return Elder Meza's bike to the store because it was too
big and he needed to replace it. All in all a good day.

Tuesday was spent packing mostly. We tried making corn dogs out of
Maseca (cornmeal powder stuff) which didn't really work at all. They
were pretty nasty. We got ahold of a bike once we realized Meza hadn't
really said goodbye to anyone and we set off to say bye to some
people. We had dinner at McDonalds since we were on the move, and both
the sister missionaries and a member family from Jacksonville randomly
showed up. It was pretty cool. After that we said bye to some more
people and finished preparing the apartment for the new arrival!

We got to transfer meeting on Wednesday knowing exactly what was going
to happen with transfers. Which of course meant that basically
everything was different. I am now in a TRIO!! I got Elder Contreras,
who is direct from Guatemala and has been out about 7.5 months, and
then Elder Moore, who I am training. He is from New Mexico, and he
seems pretty cool. (Yes mom, he is the same one whose aunt is your
friend. Thatcher keeps coming back to find me.) So now our district is
us 3, Elder Salazar and Elder Schoenfeld (together for the THIRD TIME)
and then Sister Bennett, from Seattle, and Sister Tester, from Alaska.
It's a pretty good group! After transfers we worked out a ride home
(we had gotten one there but had no room for the extra person) and
then they unpacked while I watched a "training video" on how to drive
the transfer van. It was really pretty boring but I got through it.
Then we went to the Book of Mormon class, which went pretty well! We
had a couple members show up, one of which is a recent convert the
sisters taught named E. She is super cool, and she has a
really strong testimony. After that we biked (our van was in Memphis)
to McDonald's (we're eating there WAY too much) because no one had
food and we were starving. Then we remodeled the apartment a bit so
that three people could live there instead of 2.

Thursday was busy. We got a bed from the mission office, and then ran
some errands for people with the van. I gave my bike to elder Salazar
for the day, and we dropped off some more bikes people had left at
transfers. Then we went shopping for food. We got a call from Elder
Salazar, and I guess he destroyed my bike. Like really bad. Dang. So
that happened, but we kept going. (Don't worry mom, they got it
fixed.) We saw a few people, and Elder Moore got broken in to the
mission work. He likes it a lot, which is great! Then we had to wait
some more for the APs to get some stuff from the car, and then went to
see our recent convert S. She is really cool, I gotta say. She
really wants to go and bring people to the gospel, which is incredibly

Friday wasn't as crazy. We did some planning, and went out to go try
some people we had in the area book that I didn't know. We couldn't
find any of them, which wasn't cool, but we did find some other people
who met with missionaries a lot 5 years ago, and they want to learn
more! So that was cool. Then we had dinner with the A family,
which was suuuuuuppppeerrr delicious. I got stuffed and probably ate
more than I should have. (Don't worry mom, my blood sugar is fine :P)
so yeah, we filled up there, and then we went out to a trailer park in
the outskirts of town to look for a former investigator who almost got
baptized but didn't. It went pretty well, they had missed the
missionaries and wanted them back!

Saturday went well. We had a conference call with all of the Spanish
missionaries. Our newly called Spanish zone leader, Elder Jenkins,
wanted more unity among us since we were all spread out so much. We
don't really have a "Spanish zone," so we call it a "brotherhood."
Nothing shady though, we're just all bilingual. :P After that we went
out to go find more people. We've been doing a lot of that lately,
since none of us know the area. It makes it a different experience,
since you basically just meet all new people. Anyway, we did that for
a bit, met some pretty cool people, met some drunk guys who were
really funny (it was Moore's first experience with "borrachos." He was
terrified. :P ) and basically wandered around until after dinner. Then
we went to the other side of our area to see some appointments that we
had made earlier in the week. No one was there, but it meant that we
could meet some MORE people! We got Elder Moore to do some more
speaking, which was good for him. Then we went to he Os' house
to introduce the new guys. He is the elders' quorum president, and his
girlfriend is S, our recent convert. So we got to know them a
little better, she made some really good carnitas, and all went well.

Sunday was pretty good! Elder Moore didn't understand much but he
liked it. We didn't have anyone show up, which wasn't too great, but
the lessons were good. Also, Sister Reed was apparently the only one
in the whole branch who could play the piano, and so since she got
transferred we had to sing a capella. It was... interesting. So in the
end I put my iPad under the microphone and used the music app to do
the rest of the songs, and it went better. Anyway, after church we
tried some more people, but no one answered the door except English
speakers who didn't want anything to do with the Mormons. So we went
to dinner with A, a recent convert here who loves feeding us. We had
some really good tacos, not even sure what meat they had. I think it
was steak. It was good, anyways. After that, we went and talked to
some more people and actually had some good lessons with them.
So yeah, that's my week! What did y'all do? I don't really hear from
most of you! Tell me what you're doing  out there!
Elder Andrew Reay
4 Wimbledon Green Circle
Little Rock, AR 72210
Love you all a whole lot!

Oh and here's Elder Moore and I!

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