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Monday, August 10, 2015

I'm Pregnant!

 I'll explain that one in a bit. Hello from Little Rock, Arkansas! It's
been a wet week. The problem is, it only rained once. The rest was
 just sweat :P

 So on Monday most of my day was spent driving. Before I left we went
 to Steak N' Shake  one last time, and someone paid for us AGAIN. Then
 I drove with the zone leaders to meet up with the APs to make the
switch. We met up and had lunch part II (when you're with Elder Fiso
there is always time for food) and then I  went with the APs to Little
Rock. We hung out at the church for a bit and got to know all the
missionaries in the area. Then the English elders took us shopping
 since we were on bike week (whee) and then I unpacked.

 Tuesday morning I got a call from the office. It turns out... I'M
 TRAINING!!! Or, in mission terms, I'M PREGNANT!!! FYI, when you train
someone you are their "parent" so at this point I am  pregnant. He
should get here on Wednesday! I'm excited/stressed/scared/surprised.
 It'll be fun, especially if I stay here, because I have no idea where
anyone lives, and neither would my son. Plus, our iPad maps only work
with the wifi we don't have most of the time. But anyway, beside the
point. We went out to go teach some people. It was a hot one, and we
got pretty soaked. We did manage to find some new people and talk to
some old ones though!

Wednesday we had zone meeting in Pine Bluff, about an hour away. So
 all the local missionaries hopped in the transfer van (which I am
actually using as a mission car right now, it's hilarious) and drove
down. It was a good meeting. Elder Jones, the OTHER ginger diabetic in
the mission, is my zone leader, which is awesome. Afterwards, we went
to this place called Ocean's, a pretty good fried food place. I got
stuffed. Then we drove back. Right when we got to the church, it
started dumping rain on us, so we stayed at the church and did some
studies until it stopped. Then we had an appointment with a friend of
one of the members, which went well. Her name is L, and she's
pretty cool.

Thursday was about the same as Tuesday, except hotter. We met some
more cool people, some not-so-friendly people, and it went pretty well
all in all. We went out teaching with one of the members, bro.
Z. He's the branch mission leader, and he loves coming out with
us apparently. We didn't manage to see anyone with him, but it was
nice to sit down in a car for a bit.

Friday went better than Thursday. We did some planning, and then went
to go see if anyone was home. We didn't really find anyone at all
until later that day, and then we had some pretty good lessons! There
was this one guy we taught who we had been trying to get to church
for a long time, but he was always doing other stuff. His reasoning
was, "since I work so much, Sunday is my day to do personal things. I
can't make any commitments to God because I have already made personal
commitments with other people." And he was ok with that! He compared
himself to Noah from the Bible building his ark, even though other
people were telling him not to. Well, if you actually read the Bible
you'd know he built it because God told him to. And now he tells us to
go to church, not remodel your house. Grr. Anyhoo, rant over. Yeah we
talked to some people and then went home because we were pretty far
out there.

Saturday was pretty good too. This time I didn't have any sweat stains
on my shirt, mainly because literally 100% was wet. We did get stuff
done though. We saw one of our cool investigators, named Neira. She is
a friend of one of our recent converts. We taught her a bit about
God's plan for us and stuff like that, and she really liked it! Then
we went to some appoint,nets that didn't open the door, and then we
found a family who was just moving in from Texas, and helped them get
all their stuff out of their Uhaul. (Btw, I've noticed all the Uhauls
have Arizona license plates. Makes me homesick every time. :P) Anyway,
after that we went and cooled off for a bit because all that the Texas
family had was iced tea, which they offered us repeatedly. We felt
bad, but así es. Then the other elders came and took us to dinner with
the V family. They are super cool, the husband just got baptized
 the end of last year. After that we went out with bro. Z again,
but no one was home still.

Sunday was great! We went to an English ward first because we had an
investigator coming. I translated for the first time in a month or so.
Gave me a headache. But she loved church, so it's all worth it :) Then
we sat around without anything to do for a while, then we had church.
They do it in reverse for this branch because of the schedule: first
they have Sunday School, then Relief Society and Priesthood, and  then
the main service. It was different, but it was still good. After
church we picked up our 12 passenger van, which I now drive
(terrifying experience btw, would not recommend it.) But hey, it's a
 car. Then we had dinner with the branch president's family and one of
their friends that came to church, and afterwards taught her about the
Restoration. She seemed to like it a lot. Then we drove and got the
other elders, and spent the night at their place. Elder Doty's been
stuck inside all week with a killer case of Strep throat that's
sweeping the mission right now. So who knows? My little kid's first
week may be spent all inside. Whee. We'll see what happens.

So yeah that's my week! Pray for me please, so I don't die of Strep or
labor pains :P love you all a ton! Bye!
So here's my video of the week too. Finally found one that wasn't dead! :


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  2. Felicidades, elder!! Sigue adelante con la buena obra!!

  3. Felicidades, elder!! Sigue adelante con la buena obra!!


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