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Monday, August 24, 2015

Feeling all outdoorsy and stuff

Hey guys! This week was all over the place and really fun!
P day was fantastic. We got us, the Spanish sisters, the Benton
elders, and the office elders together and went on a hike to Pinnacle
Mountain. I hadn't hiked it since the end of my first transfer when
Elder Dalton went home. It was super fun. We went the hard way though!
About  half the hike was steep rockhopping, and we took a bit because
Sister Bennet is short and it really wore her out. So we picked around
and found the easiest path up that we could so she wouldn't die. So
then we got up there, enjoyed the fantastic view (I will send a ton of
pictures) and then went down. Half of us went down the easy way, since
we were beat. The rest went down the other way because they were in
shape. (Elder Asay, the big goof in the picture, went with weight in
his backpack. He says it helps him jump farther on the way down.)  We
made it down most of the way, and about fifty yards from the end of
the trail, Sister Bennett, who had made it really far considering how
rough the first part was, tripped and cut her leg open pretty bad and
sprained her ankle. So sister Tester and I carried her to the end, and
Elder Asay, who just so happened to be stocked with at least three of
everything we needed (true Boy Scout) stopped the bleeding and tied it
all up. Then we limped/drove back to get a wheelchair for Sister
Bennett to use. Since they are on bike week, we had been allowed to
pick them up with the other guys in the van. It also meant we had to
drop everyone off. By the time we got all that taken care of, we were
sweaty, dirty, hungry, and it was 8 o clock. So we went inside. It was
super fun though.

Tuesday was a little slow at first. Elder Moore had a migraine, so he
was out all morning. Then we went out and started to go, then we got a
call inviting us to come over to eat with Ana, the recent convert. So
we went over, and had a good talk there with her and her son. Then,
since we were up there, we made the most of the trip to the north of
town and got a bike for Elder Moore. After that, we FINALLY got to
work. We saw N, one of our best people, and talked with her about
baptism. Hopefully she comes to church this Sunday! We also went out
with Bro. Z and taught some of the people he knew in his
apartment complex. All in all it was a really good day.

Wednesday was good too! We got everybody in the van and headed out to
North Little Rock for a zone conference. It was really good. They
wanted us to come prepared and spiritual, so we had fasted since lunch
the day before. So naturally, it was really great. I learned a whole
lot of stuff. We talked a lot about how we can be better teachers, and
we did some practice teaching too. They also announced something I
think will be super legit! Missionaries out there, listen up, this is
good stuff. So normally at meetings we do a lot of practice to work on
teaching skills and principles. To anyone familiar with the practice,
a lot of the time it's pretty ineffective, since we are all
missionaries and already know things. So, what we will be trying out
is going out after instruction and teaching by the leadership go and
put it in action! Basically, we'll all load up in the vans and go
blitz the area for an hour, practicing by actually teaching in real
life! I'm pretty stoked. Anyway, after that we had a big Southern
lunch and then I had another class for trainers. Then we drove
everyone back to wherever they needed to go, and went to our Book of
Mormon class. Only one person showed up besides the sisters, so it was
kinda slow. Oh, by the way, Sister Bennett ended up going to the
hospital and getting stitches in her knee, and her other foot might be
fractured. She has to be stuck inside all week, since they were on
bikes. Poor thing.  Hopefully that clears up quick.

Thursday went all right. It was nice out, for one! We had been
dreading going outside, because it had rained the day before, and with
perfectly clear sky afterwards we assumed the humidity would be bad.
But it was like 70 and dry outside, so we were happy! We gave a
blessing to one of Bro. Z's friends, since she was sick. Then
we went and saw N, and talked more with her about baptism. She
still wasn't too sure about it, but she knows a lot more about baptism
now! Hopefully she will be baptized sometime soon! Anyway, after that
we meet some more people and had some dinner. Then we went to go see
one of our investigator's kids play soccer, but when we got there his
team didn't end up playing. So, we went to the church for volleyball
night. It was pretty fun, there were a lot of people there and it went
pretty well for the other team. Yeah, I'm pretty out of practice.

Friday was uneventful, sadly. We did some planning, told some jokes to
Sister Bennett to keep her from dying of boredom since she is on bed
rest for the rest of the week, and then went out. We talked to a
couple of people, but no one was really interested. We had dinner at
the Rs house with Bro. R and Bro. F. It was great.
Those two are hilarious. We had a spicy eating contest. Has anyone
tried half of a freshly cut jalepeño covered in Siracha and Tabasco
sauces, and then sprinkled with chili powder and red pepper flakes?
Yeah. I don't recommend that. (Warning from Andrew's mom.  Do not
try this next stunt at home or on your mission or ANYWHERE or your
mom will probably be angry and tell you to take better care of your
companions.)  Also, elder Contreras and elder Moore got Tazed in the leg.
I'll try to send the video. Then, we went to soccer night that the other
elders organized without telling us until an hour before. It was pretty fun.
We played with a bunch of random Hispanics and a Jamaican guy we
met at the park, and it was fun.

Saturday went better! We went out to some new areas, and had a lot of
success finding Hispanics there. We managed to have some good lessons
with people we had met before in the week too, and they went really
well. There's this cool guy named N we taught, he's awesome. He
works a lot, but he said he is really interested in learning. There's
another kid named J who is awesome. We met him a couple of weeks
ago, and we saw him today. He really wants to read the Book of Mormon
and all that, which is great. After all that, we decided to go to the
Os' house to visit with our recent convert, S, but when we
got there it turned out to be Bro. Os' birthday! So we got to be
part of that, which was great.

Sunday we started out early. Like before 5am early. You see, the north
elders had an investigator named J getting baptized that morning.
The catch was that he wanted to do it at Lake Heber Springs, a 2 hour
drive away. So we all got together and drove up (we went through
CONWAY 💔) and we did it there. There was some weather problems on the
way, but prayers were answered and he got baptized in sunnyish
weather! Then we raced back to make it to church on time. Church was
good too! One of our investigators, L, came to church again. It is
her 3rd time, and she likes it a lot! So do her kids. So then after
that, we had a missionary meeting and went to dinner with the Mfamily, which was great even though we all got at least one stain on
our shirts (it was caldo de res, it's messy). Then we tried to go out
and find people, but I had a bit of bike trouble (it's not as
"perfectly fixed" as I was told, we'll see what happens there) so we
didn't get too far.

That was a good week! Today's elder Schoenfeld's birthday, so we are
having brownies and board games and stuff. Hope you all have a good
week, and I love y'all so much!

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