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Monday, May 18, 2015


Hello hello hello! How are y'all doing this fine morning? I'd tell you about my week in detail, but I left my planner at home, since I just got a new one for the transfer. So I will do my best.
First off, I am staying in Jonesboro for another one! This'll make 7 and a half months here, and it has FLOWN by, let me tell you! Fortie is staying as well. Elder Johnston is getting transferred, though! His trainer, elder Zickella, is getting ANOTHER newbie! This guy just can't stop! 
So anyway, highlights of the week:
Q's baptism has been postponed, he still has to work through his smoking addiction. He really wants to do it though, so I know he will. 
We had two baptisms this week! B and H are super legit. I got to teach both of them on exchanges. They were super excited, and it was awesome! I'll attach a picture. 
T has been working a lot, so we haven't been able to see her much this week. She is growing in her testimony though, so she'll be good!
D has been making leaps and bounds! He had dental surgery this week, so he wasn't able to come to church, but he was really sad about it. He WILL come next week. 
On a sadder note, S up and moved to Missouri randomly. From what he told us, him and his girlfriend had a falling out and so he made his exit. We'll be putting him in contact with the missionaries up there, and leave it up to them! 
What else.... oh yeah! So do y'all remember how I had said a long time ago that we would be getting Ipads? Well, they're in the office right now!!! We're getting training on the 27th, and then we'll be mobile in the weeks after that! 
Another sad thing, D apparently is done with church. One of the members was texting with him to see if he'd be coming yesterday and he said he wouldn't be coming anymore for "personal reasons." We'll see about that. 

That's about all I can remember! If you want to get in touch, my address is still:

Elder Andrew Reay
3700 S. Caraway Rd. apt. B12
Jonesboro, AR 72404 
 Love you guys! 
"Makes me think of my SMHS days!" commenting on his new tie

My Arizona Plant - I got seeds when I first got here and now it needs to be repotted.

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