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Monday, May 11, 2015

Extra-Curricular Activities

Hello all! Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day, with all you missionaries calling home and such. I only get to do that one more time. Then it's in person. 0.o

But hey, that's all wayy far off, right? Let's stick to the usual stuff. This week was.... interesting. We did a lot of stuff, but very little of it was teaching. Monday we went to Walmart so Elder Fortie could buy some Avengers shirts, then we went to a hamburger cookout at the R's house. Then we went and walked around, ran into T also walking around, and then saw J, an investigator we hadn't seen in a while. 
Tuesday we had district meeting, and then went to Five Guys with the R's and helped their daughter move some heavy stuff out of her dorm. So now I can say I've been in a girl's college dorm room on my mission :P Anyway, after that we went on exchanges. I ended up with Elder Zickella in his area. We saw some of their new investigators, then went to the Rs for dinner. It was super delicious, we had steak, lobster, bratwurst, mussels, rolls, potatoes, corn.... yeah I was stuffed. Then we went and saw one of their coolest people, B. She is REALLY solid, and as soon as she can move out of her apartment (she lives with a guy) she can be baptized. But yeah, she's super legit. 
Wednesday we unexchanged, then went out to the Rs again. He had asked us to paint/build his fence. So we spent about 5 hours painting and stacking about 80 8-foot-long 2x4s. It was exhausting, and we were both beat. After a "See you tomorrow" from Bro. Rs, we went home and crashed, because neither of us could speak in complete sentences. So after a power-nap, we went out to Bay to go see Q. We set a goal with him to have 4 no-smoking days with him for the week.
Thursday we went back out to the Rs to get some more done. This time it was about 20 16-foot 2x8s, which took about half the time. We went out after that, but no one we tried was available. We did do basketball that night though, and a LOT of people showed up that we hadn't met yet, which was fantastic! 
Friday was the first full day we had that didn't involve a service project. We went to see D, and that went really well. He's been making a lot of progress lately, and we are really excited about it! anyway, we were there for a while, then went to the Ms for dinner. Then we went to see S, and talked with him about reading the scriptures. A little note on that: All the missionaries know this, but for those who don't, reading the scriptures is one of the most important things our investigators can do to find out for themselves what we are saying is true. So, we try really hard to get them into the habit. Anyway, that went really well. 
Saturday was right back to the grind! We went to Bro. R's house to help him clear out a ditch that was preventing drainage from his yard. That didn't take much time. Then we got a call from Bro. R's brother, who called in a favor we had promised a month ago to help him make a fence for his chickens. So all of us (us and Bro. R) went up to his house and poured some concrete to set some posts. Then it started raining. Really hard. But we figured since we were soaked already, we may as well finish. So, we put up some of the wire, and basically made the framework. Then we drove home, dried off, and went to dinner at O'Charley's with the S's. then we went out to Bay and had a talk with Q. It turns out he hadn't smoked AT ALL that week, so he's doing great! Also, they "initiated me" by putting electrotherapy pads on various parts of my arms and turning it up all the way. Note: NEVER PUT THOSE ON YOUR FINGERTIPS THEY HURT REEEEEALLY BAD. 
Sunday morning was a little rough. None of our investigators showed up due to lack of cars, which was sad. But then I got to talk to the family, which was fantabulous! Hopefully they pass along hellos from me like I said! Anyway, after that we went to dinner at the Solis' house. Then we went to see D with one of the Vivint salesmen, who just got off his mission in the Redlands California area 3 months ago. It was a great experience, and they are good friends now. 

Welp, I'm off to go finish the R's fence today! I hope you guys enjoy your week! Keep in touch!

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