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Monday, May 25, 2015

It ain't over till it's over I guess....

Man, this week was NUTS!!! 
Tuesday we had a pretty normal day, for the most part. We went and saw D, and then went to the Os and talked with the mom and her daughter in law, who we hadn't met before and is actually really awesome! Then we went next door to the R' to go see their newly hatched chicks, which were adorable. Then on the way to the next appointment, we got a call from the APs. There had been a last second transfer meeting and Fortie was OUT! This was like 7:30 the day before transfers, so needless to say our day went crazy from there. We drove all over and said bye to everyone, and then went home to pack.

Wednesday we drove down to Little Rock to pick up my new companion. It was a pretty good meeting. 
Anyhoo, so as far as transfers went, I got Elder HERNANDEZ!! He is from Veracruz, and has been out for 23 months. He extended his mission, so he goes home the 22nd of July. SO chances are I will be here until he goes. That'll mean 9 months in Jonesboro, too! #booyah

Elder Zickella Got Elder Croft, fresh out of the MTC, from Pocatello Idaho. He is pretty cool. 
After transfers, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings with a bunch of the Spanish elders and sisters, which was fun. A lot of new Spanish sisters got here, which is nice since all the others have gone home. Then we drove back, unpacked, and went to teach the kids at Mutual how to be everyday missionaries. 
Thursday we hit the ground biking, since going to little rock left us with basically no miles on the car. we talked to some Hispanics, then met up with the other elders to go do Q's baptismal interview. We got down there to an empty house. We called his dad, who informed us that Q had disappeared with his cousin who had come up to visit, and they hadn't seen him in 2 days. Sooooo we are hoping and praying that he comes back soon and hasn't done anything bad. After that, we went to basketball, which was once again full to the brim with people. 
Friday we helped out Bro. R with some stuff in the chem labs, then went around to find some more  people. And we found a lot! We talked to 5 guys outside of their houses, and they all agreed to let us come back and teach their families! Then we had dinner at the W's house, which is always super fun. 
Saturday was spent out biking some more! but first we went to the ward Day of Service at a cemetery, cleaning it up and fixing tombstones. It was fun, and I ended up being chaced around the place by the kids, who were using their water bottles to spray me. Great exercise. Then we went back and got to work!  It was really hot out, but we got a ride from one of the Vivint salesmen who happened to pass by. Then we went back up north of town to go see some of the people we had talked to earlier, but no one answered. Then my blood sugar crashed so we took a break until the other guys come and got us for dinner at the R's house. 
Sunday was interesting. Elder hernandez gave a talk in church (its funny because I still haven't done one :P) and it went well. After church the Ms fed us lunch, and then it was back on the road! We walked across town, taking our time to talk to people, so that we arrived at our dinner appointment exactly on time, with some new people met to boot! Dinner was super fun. It was with the Os, which are some o my favorite people ever! We had a lot of fun. We taught the kids to play Ninja Assassin (which they loved) Had a selfie party (I'll send those too) and had a good talk about missionary work too! 

And thus begins transfer 5 here in Jonesboro, Arkansas! I have a doctor's appointment next week in LR, so I may be writing from there. See ya!
Missionary Selfie

Elder Reay and Elder Hernandez

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