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Monday, June 1, 2015

Mission 2.0

Hello from Little Rock, everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous week! I sure did! Let's see how much I remember, though.
Monday we went to the mall to see how the prices were on dress shirts (not worth it) but we ran into an investigator I had in Conway who we thought we had lost because he moved to Jonesboro! We just ran into him in the bathroom, isn't that weird? Anyhoo, that night we got a "bad weather so get inside quick" text, so the other elders came over to our apartment since its on the bottom floor and safer. We had some cake rolls (thanks Aunt Patty!) and got a game of Risk going that the box said would be faster than the classic version. Well, without any of us realizing it it took about 3 hours for us to reach the point where we were too tired to continue. Up until yesterday it was still on our table, but we took a picture and put it away for later. I still dominate Australia though, so I'm pleased. 
Tuesday I turned 20. That was weird. It's behind me now though. We had a pretty normal day. We did Q's baptismal interview! He turned up on Monday after going to help his cousin with some stuff. we are set to do the service this coming Saturday!! Then we went to the Os for dinner, since their son in law also had a birthday the same day. It was an awesome party, and we got to meet a lot of their family and friends.
Wednesday we went to Little Rock for a special conference. Elder Zwick from the Seventy came down to tell us how to use our new I-pads. 
I- pads. 
Yep, the digital age has officially started! We are getting them this Wednesday. It won't be all at once, but once it's all established we will be on Facebook too! So if you have any questions about the church or missionary work or anything, just message me once that happens! We are all extremely excited. So yeah, that was really fun! Then we came back, had dinner at the Rs house, then went out to go visit some of the young men with some other young men. All in all a great day. 
Thursday... man, what did we do Thursday? Well, I remember we did a LOT of biking. We found some new people that  speak Spanish, which is nice!  Also we played basketball, which is really getting popular. We had enough people to do a tournament with four teams, which is a big improvement! 
Friday included a lot more biking. Also it absolutely DUMPED rain on us for the 300 yard stretch of Main Street that has no shelter whatsoever. It stopped as soon as we got to the church to hide from it. We had dinner with the R brothers at Sam's Club. Those two are really entertaining. Their sense of humor is wonderful. 
Saturday got really weird really fast. We went and visited some peope close to us, ALMOST got soaked again (#umbrellasrock) and then went with F to go see some people. We were walking past a less-active member's house when his mom came out. She asked us if we could help her to take out a kitten that had hid behind a stove in the abandoned apartment attached to their house. We did. It was a three week ish old kitten that was abandoned. We thought we had the mom outside, but she flipped out when we brought the kitten over so we decided it wasn't. We volunteered to take it to the animal shelter. It wasn't until afterwards that we found out the shelter was closed until Monday. So long story short...

Yeah, we had a cat in our laundry room. Admittedly, not the best decision we've made, but it WAS really really adorable and fun for a bit. It's in the shelter now, so if anyone feels like going to Jonesboro to adopt a kitten, feel free :P BUt the rest of Saturday we worked with a list of potential investigators we found deep in the apartment. Not a whole lot of success with getting them at home yet, but we'll keep it up! 

Sunday was great too! It was the Vivint guys' last Sunday here before they went to Little Rock, so that was sad. But we had a good service, and then we went out teaching with Bro. Solis, and saw a few people. Then we had dinner at the B's (which they apparently sent a picture  of us home to my mom so it may be on the blog) and then saw T! We finally caught her at home, and we got caught up with her schedule. 

And that was my week! I may or may not see y'all on Facebook this week, but keep in touch anyways! I'd love to hear what you're up to! Email or write, with the Ipad I'll be able to see all of it. Writing would be legit though. Letters are fun :)

Llamado a Servir,
Andrew Reay

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