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Monday, March 2, 2015

Here we go, Number 9!!!!

Transfer 9 is officially starting! Woohoo! Don't have a whole lot of time, I am writing from the library in Little Rock right now since I had to go to a doctor's appt today. So, weekly sumup:
Tuesday we Went to go find some people, but got a call from D requesting a priesthood blessing. He has been having some medical problems that will eventually lead to him losing his hearing, and for now will give him vertigo at random times. Luckily he already knows ASL because one of his longtime friends was deaf. Then we went to go visit D, and that went really well! He had a bit of a rough week, but now he figured out what was wrong he is totally fine. He has a super chill cat, a guy named Daisy. They thought he was a girl when they got him. So now his name is Day-Z. Thn we went to the R's house so Elder Diaz could cook one of his favorite Guatemalan foods for them. It was super good. Dad, don't know if you had it, it's called Pollo con crema. Super delicious. Then we went to go see some more talented members and nonmembers at a choir concert at ASU. The R's daughters are in it, and we know several of their friends. We met a guy in the choir from Puerto Rico, named F. He was super funny, and had NO IDEA I spoke Spanish. Gave him quite the shock :P
Wednesday we had a bit of a slow day. We are starting to wonder if our investigators tell us to come when they know they won't be there. But it was still a pretty good day. Our car had just about no miles left, so we walked the whole time. We had dinner with Sister P and some of her friends, the R. Brother R just got back from five years in Afghanistan burning opium fields for the Department of State. He had some fun stories. 
Thursday was a bit of a crazy time. We did the booth again at the college, which was pretty good. We found a few less actives that hadn't been to church here. Then we got home and had to figure things out. We had 0 miles left on the car at this point, so we called up F and we drove all over the place, visiting everyone we could think of. The bad part about that is that nobody is home when you need them to. We called a lot of folks to see if they were home, but no dice. The high point was dinner with the Welch family. They are super funny, and part ginger, so of course they're awesome. We had a Nerf war with one of the kids for the whole dinner, discussed the benefits of buying a 9mm handgun with Bro. W and F, and also all the deer heads' backstories. The Ws hunt a lot. But we got venison sausage to take home, so it's all good. I also got to meet our new guy, Elder Johnston from Kaysville, UT. He seems pretty cool, so it's good to have him here!
Friday we did a LOT of service. We helped Sister R move out of her apartment all morning, then we went to ASU to help Bro. R clean out some tool sheds in the chem department. That led us right to dinner with his brother, who is basically the redneck version of Prof. R. He is SUPER smart though, about a lot of stuff. 
Saturday was our "invite EVERYONE to church day." We finished moving Sis. Raodes (she as a LOT of stuff) and then went right to it. We borrowed the other elders' car for a bit while they borrowed F, and we got a lesson/dinner with some of hour Hispanic investigators. They do that a lot, and it's great. 
Sunday, nobody showed up to church that we invited. Some of the less actives did though, so that was good! I think the people we invited were guilty, because we went to their houses after church and they avoided us. But then we went to dinner at the R's and had pancakes, which lifted our spirits up a bit. We also had chocolate-covered chocolate. It's basically homemade Lindor truffles. SO GOOD. but SO RICH. 

.aaaaaaand that's about all I have time for! Hope you are having a good week, and if anyone sees the missionaries our there, go buy them a Sprite. Or something. 

Llamado a Servir,
Andrew Reay

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