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Monday, February 23, 2015

....Wait, what happened this week?

Hello! So, transfer calls were made today, and.... absolutely no change! Everyone in my district is staying here. 
This week was.... all over the place. so you know that it snowed and stuff all of Monday, so we were not allowed out. Tuesday we were allowed to walk places, but since the streets were still mostly covered in ice our cars were still... grounded, i guess. So we walked around. No one was outside, which was about what we thought, but we still managed to get a few miles out from our house before they sent out the text saying that we could use cars. Ugh. We just stayed out walking for a bit, saw Tina, who told us to come back another time, and then walked home to get picked up for dinner. A super nice ?????? minister gave us a ride, which was a welcome change from how they normally treat us. (No offense to any of you ?????s, but we are not well liked by them here.) 

Wednesday we mainly tried to see some less-actives that the bishop gave us to try and see. We didn't get really any luck with them at all. We also tried to visit with D, but I guess he had gone away during the storm. In short, we didn't really have much luck all day.

Thursday was big. To begin, we arranged with Arkansas State University to put up a booth about our church, where people could ask us questions and such. We weren't allowed to proselyte directly, but a lot of people came up to us to see what we were about. Most of them mainly wanted to argue, but there were some who seemed like they were actually curious.We are doing it every week, so hopefully with time people will show up. Then we went from there to try and see the big family we had found last week, but they were not home. Then we got a call from the person who was supposed to take us down to Little Rock the next day for a zone conference. He let us know that there was supposed to be an ice storm coming in that night, and he would not be able to drive us. So, we took our backup plan: Drive down there THAT NIGHT. So we drove home, packed our stuff, grabbed the other elders, and drove to Little Rock. We got there about 10:15 (which is way past curfew but we called and informed them so its ok) and spent the night with the Spanish missionaries there, Elder Meyers and Elder Geddes. Way fun.

Friday we had zone conference! It was nice to see all my Conway guys again. I met some of the brand new Spanish missionaries, Like Elder Contreras, directly from Guatemala, and Sister Reid, who speaks better Spanish than I ever did my first 5 transfers. I'll send a picture of everyone. but yeah, it was great! we talked about our new goals for  the next year, and said goodbye to a lot of the senior couples. And then right at the end, President informed us that there was a lot of winter weather in the area, and to be sure it was safe to go before leaving. We called a member in Jonesboro, and the ice was falling fairly thick, making driving impossible. You know what that means... SLEEPOVER!!! We went with the Spanish elders for the rest of the day. We had enchildadas de mole at a recent convert's house, which were fantastic. Then we went to the "soccer night" at the church. A lot of the Hispanic investigators and members show up to play. It was super fun. 

Saturday we went home, and got back around 1:30. Then we got called in to help clean the church parking lot and get all the ice out, because it was basically a skating rink. We got a lot of people together to help, which made it way easier. We got done around 5, and then went to The M's, a less active family. We watched the Restoration with them and clarified some stuff for the daughter we are helping to get ready for baptism.

Sunday was yet another crazy day. Not many people came to church, investigators or members. Afterwards, however, we had a ward potluck lunch. It was fantastic. Then right after that, we had a baptism for one of the member's daughters, which was great. Then we had a ward correlation meeting and went home to change. We had just left when we got at text from the zone leaders informing us that due to coming storms President was calling everyone in. Soooo we did nothing the rest of the day. 

So yeah, this week was nuts. Here's hoping for some normality this transfer!

here's the snow/ice/stuff that ruined our week since there are NO snow plows here

Picture, back row: Elder Ludwig, Me, Elder Dyorich, Elder Meyers, Elder Contreras, Elder Geddes. Front row: Elder Heaton, Elder Meza, Sister Reid, Sister Ives, Sister  Dube, Sister Goudie, Elder Diiaz, Elder Hernandez. Woooo Spanish!!!

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