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Monday, March 9, 2015

Come on, this isn't Utah!

Well, dadgum.  ("dadgum" means like "whoa," or "gee wilickers") It's been a crazy week! It kinda went all over the place, but it ended up pretty good. 

Tuesday we had district meeting. Now that one of my areas was moved to another district, it's just us and the English elders. So, 4 people. It was really more of a district discussion, which was actually pretty nice, since I really prefer not talking the entire time. Then we went to English class, which was pretty empty because a new semester had just started for them I guess, so most of them were at orientation for their new classes. But we ended up talking with one of the professors and answering some of his questions about the Book of Mormon, which was a good opportunity! Then we went and saw D., but we caught him right before he was going out the door to the dentist's to have a tooth pulled.  so that one fell through, but we got to talk with him for a bit as well as with the person who was giving him a ride, who happened to be from Utah and know all about us. Then we had dinner with Sister A., who is one of the "mission grandmas" as I like to call them. Basically, they spoil us rotten all the time. But anyway, she made a lot of good food. Then we were supposed to help out a member move in, but when we called for their address they toold us they had already finished. So by then, it was too late to go see anyone.

Wednesday was the fun one. It was raining in the morning, and it finally melted the last remnants of ice from the corner of our porch. We went out and saw a few people, and met quite a few new investigators! We had just gotten done teaching this little old El Savadorian lady when the rain started turning to ice. Sooo we went back in before the road froze over. The mission sent out a lockdown text, so we couldn't go out at all, so naturally me and Elder Diaz took a nap. We woke up a few hours later, and it was still coming down as sleet. For those of you from Arizona, sleet looks, sounds and feels like it is raining sand. It's not snow, but it's kind of in between. So anyway, we sat around, watched church movies, Elder Diaz started making ANOTHER temple (the Fiji one for President's anniversary gift) and before you know it it was late. It had gotten quiet outside, so we went out to check the weather. We were greeted by about 3 inches of actual, bona fide snow! Then we got excited, Diaz made a snow angel, and then we realized it was super late and went to bed. 

Thursday morning, it was sunny. Buuuut there was also 6-10 inches of snow all over everything. Also, it only got to about 27 degrees that day so nothing really melted that wasn't on the road. So Elder Diaz and I got stuck at home again. We both built our first legit snowman, and our apartment manager came by to take our picture with it (no idea why). Then we went back inside and repeated the day before. At 3:30they let us out since the roads were "melted." Maybe down in Little Rock, but up here in the North it was a mess aside form the main roads. We got stuck a few times, but we managed to get to the Munoz family to watch the Restoration video with them. They called us back in at 6 because the roads were refreezing and the wind chill was going to 0. 

Friday the roads were better by the time we were done studying, so we got a full day! We went out to contact some referrals from the ward, but didn't find anyone.  We got to see D. and have a lesson with him at the S's about the Priesthood. They fed us some really good stuff, and I tried butternut squash for the first time (actually it was pretty good). 

Saturday was interesting. Our plans apparently were not very good and we basically went around to everyone and invited them to church. We talked with T. again, which was good. She's been reading the book of Mormon, which we were super excited about! Also, her 5-year-old daughter shaved off one of her eyebrows during the night, which no one was very happy about in the house. We met with some of our new investigators, the G. family. It's a young couple who just moved here from Mexico. They didn't have much time, so we talked about the Book of Mormon briefly and shared it with them. Then we went to the B's to invite them to church, but the kids were sick, so they couldn't. 

Sunday none of our investigators showed up, which was sad. It was raining too, which melted most of the snow, which was also sad. Also, it was Daylight Savings, so we woke up an hour ealrier, which was sad. It was still a good meeting, though! Afterwards, we went and had lunch with the Ls', and they cooked a TON of lasagna and bread and it was super delicious. Later that night, we went out with one of the Rs' sons, armed with some cookies that his mom made, and made some visits. No one was able to talk to us for more than a few minutes, but they gladly accepted the cookies (figures). Then we dropped him off and Sis. R. made us stay for dinner. So, with 2 meals, we rolled on home. 

Here's hoping for a week WITHOUT some major weather event! Have a great week! 
Pic: Our snowman, Elder Diaz. :P

Our snowman "Elder Diaz" in civvie clothes

Elder Zickella and Elder Diaz with appropriate sized shopping carts :)

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