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Monday, March 16, 2015

Yay Sunburns

Well, winter has officially died! It is currently 75 degrees outside and sunny as good ol' AZ! Sorry I am late writing, but we had an interesting day. But we'll get to that later. 

So I didn't bring my planner today, so it won't be super detailed, but I will try my best. This week was pretty wet, it was raining more than half the week. That made finding people while we walked outside a little difficult. But we still managed to meet some cool people! 

Wednesday was Specialized training, which was super good. I love all the meetings with President Wakolo, he is just an incredible human being. One of the focuses was making sure that we knew what made up a lesson, what sorts of people we can call investigators, stuff like that. We were also called to repentance on some of the "mission culture" things we were doing. To explain, each mission kind of has its own little traditions that we do just because that's how we were raised by our trainers. We all committed to improve on that, and change any of the things that weren't fitting in with the mission standards. All in all, good stuff. 

The other highlight of the week is Sammy. His story: we were out looking for a less active member, and elder Diaz though he knew where she lived. SO we go there, and it turns out that it was a DIFFERENT less active lady. But she let us in to talk for a bit. We met her boyfriend Sammy. He was VERY excited to talk to us. He soaked up everything we said. We came back the next day to talk about the Restoration and he was so excited, he was actually giggling! Then he came to church on Sunday, and loved every minute. The members love him, and in his words, "it just had that something that's just... ahh. It's a good feeling." So we are super excited to be working with him. 

And then today! So some of us went to the temple today, because our birthday month just passed or is in March. So, we had 4 missionaries in our zone go, and four stay here in Jonesboro, me included. Seeing as Elder Zickella's apartment had a golf course and he had a discount for living there, we all went GOLFING! Look how classy we are:

Inline image 1

Dang, that was fun! Granted, the only one who has EVER played golf was Elder Zickella, and we lost 30 balls in the lake, but it was still fun! I am VERY sunburned though. That's how you know summer is coming. 

Have a wonderful week! Love you all!

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