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Monday, March 31, 2014

The field is actually pretty green.

Hope you get the reference. Hello from Arkansas! It's been almost a week since I got here, and it has been a blur! So, let's go through the days.

We left the CCM at 2:30 am, and i was not pleased. I had a cold, so I was quite short of breath from pulling luggage all that way. We sat around until customs opened at 4. We got to the plane all right, and we flew to Atlanta. Nothing super eventful on the fight, i just kind of zoned. In atlanta, we said bye to all the other people with us except Sister Norman, who was going to the gate next to us. Georgia was pretty fun, we ate lunch at Five Guys and sat around. Elder Schoenfeld an I met up with four other elders from Provo who were heading out to Little Rock, and we flew there!

We were met at the gate by President Petersen and his wife, along with the APs, Elders Armstrong and Barney. They're super cool, and in our ward, so it's cooler. We spent the night there. It was fun. You should be getting a letter in a few days that has more, so I'll leave it at that. 

So! now I'm in the field. My companion is Elder Dalton, of Gilbert Arizona! He lives across the street form the temple. He's pretty chill and stuff. We are serving in Conway, Arkansas. It's about an hour from Little Rock. Fairly small town, which is nice. We live in an apartment building.
  Here's  the address: 
401 2nd Street, 
APT. #321, 
Conway AR 72032.
You can write me at that address for the next little while, I guess! <cough cough>You can mail me direct, you don't have to go through the mission office.
Now, about my investigators! First off, we have two baptisms coming up on the 12th. Two girls, 9 and 11 from a less active family. They're coming back to church, which is good. Then there's Omero. He is an eternal investigator who has been coming to church for about 5 years. He says that he believes in the church, but he won't get baptized because he believes that baptism by water is symbolic scripture language for birth, so he doesn't need to do that. He is.... interesting.... yeah. For example, he gave his testimony in church this week. Someone was translating for him (we're in an English ward), and thank goodness! He opened by talking about how Satan and sin does not exist. He continued with stuff like that, with the translator "getting the spirit" of what he had to say. He's interesting. And those are our main investigators, most of the others I have not been able to meet yet. 

Well, I'm going to sign off now! I am ready to serve everybody here for as long as I can. Hope you all are doing good!

Llamado a Servir,
Andrew Reay

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