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Monday, April 7, 2014

I discovered southern food, and it ain't treating me well

So. According to the blogs that I was reading about Arkansas, it said I would gain about forty pounds on my mission. i was determined to not do that.
And then came the dinner appointments. 
If I haven't said it before, the people in Conway feed us pretty much every day. That being said, When i checked my weight on friday, i was 161 pounds. when i checked my weight at the CCM, I was 156 pounds. sooooo yeah, I've gained five pounds in 8 days. Time to get to the gym. (Which we have, btw.)

That aside, my week was pretty fine! I don't believe that I properly introduced the rest of our investigators. so, here we go: 

The D. Family: Part-member, the wife is inactive and the husband is not a member. He has just become receptive to missionaries recently. Hma. D. is super nice. we have about half a dozen large bags of frozen pasta meals in our freezer thanks to her. 

The L. Family: Another part-member, but this time the husband is the member. We haven't been able to meet with them much, but the wife does seem to be interested.

R.: He's a bit of a mystery. 17 years old, from Guatemala. We don't know why he's in America, or where his parents are, or if he does anything for work or school. that's because we can hardly get a word out of him. We haven't taught him much. 

So, general conference! I did like most of it. The problem lies in the fact that when an investigator shows up (which they did) we tuned in to the channel that broadcasts in Spanish, so I understood just about a third of the words. and none of them were connected, so I basically missed the second two sessions of Saturday. But other than that, it was great! i loved Holland, as usual, as well as Bednar and Andersen. 

P-day has been fun so far! We get free adjustments at the chiropractor, so we went there and I got electrotherapy on my back, which is basically mild tazer patches for ten minutes. it felt pretty good. then we played mud soccer and ultimate frisbee with our whole zone. it was messy, but pretty fun! 

Sorry I don't have pictures, I keep forgetting to take out my camera. Next week, i promise.

Llamado a Servir,
Andrew Reay

P.S. Happy birthday to my companion! 

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