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Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Monday everybody! So, i'm pretty much all packed now, so I won't be working when we party like it's 1999 in my house tonight. We figure that because everyone won't be able to sleep anyway, we may as well stay up till 2. But yeah! i'm all set to go!

So, my weekly summary. The day that i emailed last, we went and played tennis (or tried) for about 2 hours. I did not think it would last that long, so I ended up with some lovely body art on my arms, legs, and head. picture is attatched. I'm all better though! not much else happened this week though. President Pratt informed us that we had to take down our lovely fort, so the room is empty now. Es triste. 

It's also triste that I have to say goodbye to everyone here. You become such close friends here, it's crazy! We said goodbye to the hermanas and Elders Rogers and Harris. Everyone else is leaving today. It's sad, but I know we'll be meeting up with each other later, so it's not horrible. 

Can't really think of much else to write, so I will be mailing y'all from ARKANSAS next week! 

Tennis sunburn - OUCH!  That white skin.  

My asombroso scripture cases these are the coolest things ever, just letting you know

Mi maestro, Hmo. Trejo. He has Darian Comsa's sense of humor. It's adorable.

Look at us photogenic bosses.

our tennis opponents Yeah, I get the feeling we're weird.

Calle De Abbey

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