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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The part of the story where i start freaking out

So. Today I woke up and realized that by this time tomorrow i would be halfway to Georgia.
Not. Cool.
Ok, maybe it is pretty cool. This time has flown by so fast, it´s almost scary. i think it´s just starting to hit me that this isn´t some incredibly awesome EFY and I come home in a week. But you know what? I think I´ll be able to handle it.
So I had a pretty good week. Apparently St. Patrick´s day is a bigger deal here than in the U.S. because yesterday there were fireworks all over the place all day long. We did the Hunger Games salute whenever one went off. :P Actually, they have fireworks every day. not flashy ones, just ones that go boom and stuff. But they've lit the mountain on fire four times in the past two days. Like an actual big fire. But they just let it burn itself out. Gotta love it, right? 

So, here is the highlight of my week. We came home to get dressed for gym on Thursday, and there was a fort in our living room. words cannot do it justice. i'm talking a let´s-use-all-the-furniture-and-sheets-and-six-mattresses-and-make-a-twenty-foot-long-fort-that-covers-two-rooms kind of fort. It's incredible. We have six people, myself included, sleeping in it for the past five nights. We were worried the cleaning people would take it down, but when they came, not only did they find it awesome, but they gave us more sheets without us asking to make it bigger! so, this may be the most epic thing ever built by this house. 

In church news, both of my investigators are getting baptized, one this weekend and the other next, so that's good. We made a lot of progress with Favian, an atheist who drinks and smokes a lot, but he's not anymore b/c he wants to be baptized. so WOO! 

So, That's just about it! i will be emailing on Monday next week, since I will not be able to on Tuesday. I will email you all then!

the tent people! From the left, we have Elder Whetton, who can sing like Jack Johnson and beatbox better than anyone I have heard, Elder Heber, the oddball who, in his words, "tames woman" :P And then there's elder Tito, the Samoan of great stature, who has a boss tattoo (it's cultrural, of course) And then there's me, and then on the end, there is Elder perez, who is hilarious.

The inside of the fort

The outside of the fort

Llamado a Servir,
Andrew Reay

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