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Monday, September 21, 2015

Teeth and Transfers - Both of Which Kinda Bug Me

Hello all!
First off, I'm getting transferred. Again. To Memphis. And from what
it looks like, I'll probably even be in the exact same area as I was 2
months ago. Sorry for the short notice, but we had no idea that I
would be leaving. Usually a trainer stays for 2 transfers, but I guess
I'm needed elsewhere!
So like I said last week, I decided to make a more general email for
everybody, and have a daily one for a smaller group of people. So,
congrats! If you are reading this, you are one of the select people
who get both :P

Monday was pretty relaxing. We didn't have any plans for p-day, so we
all just stayed at the church. We actually finished a game of Phase
10, which took about 3 hours. It was really fun! After that we headed
to the Os' house for dinner. We had some pretty good caldo de
camarron, or shrimp soup. Aside from the few shrimp that still had
heads and antennae (ew) it was pretty good. Then we had a good lesson
with S, our recent convert. After someone is baptized we are
supposed to go through the lessons with them again, so we got started
with it then. She has a really strong testimony, and it was great to
hear about her conversion. She was taught for about a year before she
made the decision. Gives me hope for some of the other people I taught

Tuesday was set to be a pretty tiring but good day. We were going to
bike out to Bryant to see J at a members house, as well as some
other people we had met last week. But on the way from our first
visit, Elder Moore hit the sidewalk funny with his bike and flipped
it. He chipped pieces off of two of his teeth and loosened another
one. So that put a bit of a wrench in our day. We got an emergency
appointment at the dentist (never knew they had emergency dentist
appointments) and they filled in the chips and straightened his tooth
out. They also gave him some meds and put him on rest for the day, so
we just sat at home. The member who we were going to see in Bryant
brought us lots of food though, so we are quite grateful.

Wednesday brought more dental drama! Ironically enough, I had already
set an appointment about a slight toothache I'd had off and on for a
bit. So elder Schoenfeld and I drove out there (we needed a car and a
sitter for Moore so we split). The dentist found a chip that had
happened a while back (go fig) and a small cavity on the same tooth,
so he decided they needed to put a crown on it. So they numbed me up,
and started to grind down my tooth to prep it. It still hurt, so they
gave me more shots. That still didn't work. So they did it again, and
when it didn't work AGAIN, they decided to try again Friday. So they
sent me home with a pretty swollen mouth and broken tooth. It was
lovely. We had district meeting in the afternoon, because President
Wakolo was coming to do interviews. It was a good meeting, and we had
cheesecake Elder Moore and I had made. Our district loves us :) Then
we found out President was going to be late, so we had to wait around.
He finally showed up, and did an interview with the whole district
first, and then us individually. It went well! We were going to have
the Book of Mormon class, but all the people that come were doing
dance practice for the multibranch activity, so we ended up just
talking with Julian. Elder Salazar talked with him a lot about being a
missionary, and how he should do it! Oh, and also Sister B.
heard about Moore's tooth problems and told us she would bring some
applesauce or something for him. Well, she brought a TON of all sorts
of food, for both of us! We are really grateful.

Thursday we tried doing a lot. We left a little later since Moore's
tooth was still giving him trouble. We got to see L again, and we
killed some wasp nests on her porch she didn't know about. That was
entertaining. We tried to see some more people, but no one was home.
So then we went and contacted a referral the sisters had given us a
few weeks back, that we hadn't seen since she was never home. We
caught her this time though! She seems pretty nice. Anyway, after that
we went to the English class. No one showed up though, so we ended up
playing volleyball with the English ward.

Friday was round two at the dentists office! They got me numb on the
first try (prayer works guys, seriously) and they got the rest of my
tooth shaved down and put a temporary one on.  I recovered really
quickly from that (which I am grateful for) and we went out, finally!
We went to the V family, and tried a few more people that weren't
home. Then we went to soccer, which went really well this week! A lot
of people showed up too so we played a really good game. J and
his dad showed up! His dad plays super good, and on top of that he's
hilarious too! Apart from them, the missionaries and one other guy and
his son, it was all random guys who showed up. Anyway, we stayed
around talking for a while until the random guys pulled out beer and
marijuana. Then we figured we should go. We grabbed some homemade
cinnamon rolls from Sis. Bennett (they were delicious too she's the
best) and passed out.

Saturday started off great! We went to the baptismal service of J L
, an investigator the other elders have. It was a really nice
service, and she was super excited. She hugged everyone, even the
elders :P Than we went and tried to invite people to the party that
night, but nobody answered the door at all. So we cleaned up, and went
to the best party ever! It was huge. Since everybody's Independence
Day was this week, each country had a table set up with food and
cultural stuff set up. Then we all had a huge dinner and watched each
country do a presentation. I took a ton of videos, so I will try and
send them if I can. It was super cool, and there was a ton of
preparation involved. A ton of people showed up too, including one I
didn't expect at ALL: A! I don't know if you remember her, but she
was a less active lady in Conway we visited multiple times a week. She
showed up! It was super exciting to see her.

Sunday was pretty good too! We performed our musical number and it
went extremely well. Tears were shed. It was good. We made a video
(it's super awkward looking but it sounds good, I'll try to send it.)
I taught Gospel Principles too, and it went well. After church, there
was a lot of food left over from the party. I guess they forgot to put
chips out, so there was literally a full size lawn clipping garbage
bag full of them. We got through half as a branch after church, and
our goal is to finish them off today. Wish us luck :P After that, we
went out teaching with Bro. Z, but we didn't find anyone.
That's actually how it's been all this week. Like, literally one of
our planned lessons happened, and one unplanned. No one wanted to open
up this week, for some reason. But it's ok. At least we're going out
there, and if they think they're going to be able to avoid us forever,
they're wrong.

I'll end it with a Spanish saying I heard in church. It doesn't have
to do with anything, but it's cool.
"Un hombre que es realmente rico no es él que tiene mucho, sino él que
necesita poco."
In other words, "A truly rich man isn't someone who has much, but
someone who needs little."

¡Les amo muchísimo!
Elder Reay
Pics: me and A! I didn't get a picture with her ever in Conway, so
here she is!

Elder Reay and Elder Schoenfeld - together again - for a minute :)

Sister Tester and Sister Bennett

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