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Elder Andrew Reay
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Monday, September 28, 2015

More Moore.....

Well, my iPad decided to be a jerk today and delete my email that I
had been writing all week! 😂 So I guess I'll have to summarize,
because I do NOT want to write that again.
I am back in Memphis! I got put up in the north area, with the OTHER
Elder Moore, which I find pretty funny. So here is my new address:

Elder Andrew Reay
2481 Crescent Glen Circle
Apt. 211
Memphis TN 38133

So anyway, not a whole lot happened this week aside from transfers.
Monday and Tuesday were spent packing and saying goodbye to people.
I'm going to miss that area, mainly for the missionaries. We had a lot
of fun :P Plus, the sisters make some really good cinnamon rolls.
Props to Sis. Bennett. (Speaking of which, apparently her mom found my
blog page somehow. So if you're reading this, hi other Sister Bennett!
Your daughter is a great missionary!) On Wednesday, I went out to
Memphis in the morning. I sat next to one of the brand new Elders, who
happened to be from Arizona! His name is Elder Erickson. It rings a
bell, I think I may remember him from somewhere. :P just kidding, he
is from my home ward!! It was great to see him it here. He got put in
an English area right by me, and he goes to the same church building
too! So we will see each other a lot.

As for my district, it's me and
Moore in the north, Elder Butler and Elder Peterson (ANOTHER English
missionary called to Spanish randomly) in the East, Elder Heaton And
Elder Spencer (he came out last transfer) in the south, and Sister
Reed with her newbie, Sister Brown, in the South as well. So we have a
pretty cool district!

The area is about the same as when I left! The East elders and us
cover the same area, so it's the same places I was in last time. We
are trying to move farther north though because it's a bit of a drive
to get there. We have some cool people, too. I'll only mention a
couple. First there's L. She is pretty cool, and she has a ton of
really good questions. She's had a bit of a rough life, so we are
trying to help her to see that the gospel of Jesus Christ can change
that. That's easy for us to say, because we've seen it! This church
has changed me more than I can say, and all of it is for the better.
That's why it's so great to be out here, telling everybody about it!
Anyway, then there is this awesome kid named J. His friend is a
returned missionary, and so we have been helping both of them to come
to church. He has already come too, which is great!

Well, in general that's about all that happened this week! We are
going to the gigantic Bass Pro Shops pyramid today. I guess the
pyramid used to be a stadium or a library or something, but now it's a
bird zoo and hunting gear shop. Welcome to the South :P Love you guys!
Hope you have a great conference weekend!

OH! I should probably mention that. For those of you who aren't
familiar with this church, every six months we have what's called a
"General Conference." We believe that our church is the original
church that has been established by God since the beginning, and that
it is the Church of Jesus Christ that he reestablished when He was
here. As such, the leadership of it consists of a Prophet and 12
Apostles, with the same power that the ancient prophets and apostles
had in the Bible. So, General Conference is a worldwide broadcast
where all of them speak and give guidance and counsel. It's really
incredible to hear an actual Prophet of God speak. It's like having
Moses or Isaiah or Paul actually right there! You want to watch? It is
on BYUtv,, and YouTube, I think. There are 4 general sessions,
on Saturday and Sunday. Check now so you know what time it would be in
your time zone, since I can't figure it out. Watch it!

The Pyramid

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