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Monday, April 27, 2015

Here come the Vivint Salesmen.....

Hey guys! It was another fantabulous week here in Jonesboro!
Monday was pretty fun. We got together and played this game called Smash Up, which is basically an epic "shuffebuilding" card game of plants vs. zombies vs. dinosaurs with lasers vs. ninjas vs. an army of Russians riding bears. 
Yeah. Pretty much the most fun card game I have ever played. Anyway, then we had a lesson with Q again, and talked more about faith. He's doing really well with quitting smoking and coffee, we're impressed! After that, we went to the Os and talked a bit about a lot of our messages. Kinda all over the place. But it was still good. 
Tuesday was started with district meeting. Our ward mission leader, Bro. S came to it, which made for some really fun role plays. He's a bit of a goof :P After that we went to English classes and met some new people. We met one of M's (the Chinese girl) friends, D. She's from Vietnam, and she's pretty cool. After that, we walked a couple of miles to an appointment that fell through, and then checked up on some other people in the area. Then we walked back to the S's house for dinner. 
Wednesday we started out by looking around an area that neither of us had seen before. Those are always fun, it's kind of like Narnia for missionaries. :P Then we went and visited T for the first time in a LONG time! She got back from Wisconsin, and is now working less so we can go see her more often! Then we went and saw S, a really nice lady who lives in one of the REALLY low- income areas. She seems really humble and willing to learn. Then we went back out to the Ss and had a lesson on repentance with the family. 
Thursday was a bit rough. We couldn't find anyone at home. We went to English class, then went to get the car's wiper blades replaced, then saw S again. We had dinner with the Rs at a Chinese restaurant and talked about all the movies that made Elder Fortie emotional
(I won't tell you which ones though). 
Friday We actually got quite a bit done! It was interesting, we just kind of wandered around for the most part, but we wandered into the people we needed to see I guess, and the day went better than planned! 
Saturday there was a baptism planned for a lady that the English missionaries had been teaching for over a year now. Unfortunately she had to back out at the service itself because her leg had an infection and she didn't feel comfortable with it. The medicine should get rid of it in a few days though so hopefully she will this Saturday! Anyway, we had another lesson with S that fell thorough because she is pregnant and very sick. Then we went out to Monette, a tiny town about 45 minutes away, to help a family move in from utah! They are really cool, and the kids are actually excited to be the only members in their school so they can share the gospel with them! Gotta love that greenie fire! After that we went back to the Youth Spaghetti Fundraiser night at the church. It was really fun. They had all the youth bring desserts to auction off, and some other families brought stuff too. It was really hilarious because there are some families here that are pretty well-off, and they would raise the prices on stuff just for the fun of it, pay for it and then give it to someone else. (I got a big pan of that peanut-butter-cup-brownie-super-delicious-thing that you made before, Mom. I promise I won't eat it all. :P) But it was an extremely enjoyable night. 
Sunday was great as well! T came to church, and she really likes it. She plans on bringing her kids next time! Afterwards, we had leftovers from the night before, then we went out with one of the Vivint salesmen. so the story behind the Vivint salesmen: A LOT of returned missionaries do this job because the work is basically the same as knocking doors as a missionary, except you get paid for it. SO anytime you see a guy selling Vivint Security systems, ask if they are Mormon. Chances are it's a yes. Anyway, we went out with one of them to go see a lady he had met who told him to bring us by to teach her. She wasn't there, so we went to some other people. We ended up seeing S again, who was feeling better. We  had a great lesson with her and her boyfriend, who hadn't been interested before. He had had some questions for a long time that no one had been able to answer, and we could! It was great. Then we dropped him off and went around looking for more people. We saw some former investigators and got some return appointments with them! Then we had dinner at the Cs, and then went to the Os and taught them about our purpose in life. 

All in all, a good week! We have the zone leaders here to do a 3- day "blitz" of Jonesboro, so we'll see what happens! I love you guys! 

Elder Andrew Reay
3700 S. Caraway Rd. Apt. B12
Jonesboro, AR 72404

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