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Monday, December 1, 2014

So quite possibly the worst news we could get...

So, bad news: I'm getting transferred.
Worse news: So is Elder Dyorich.
Even worse news: No one's coming to replace us. 

Yep, they are closing Conway Spanish once again! We got the call this morning, so now in addition to packing ourselves, we have to pack the apartment. I'm... a little ticked. I've been here for 6 of the 7 transfers it was reopened, and we were actually having hopes of restarting the branch and having Hispanics at church in reasonable numbers. But I guess not. It's hard, I've gotten to know so many amazing people here, but now not only will I not be in contact, but no one else will be either. Oh well. We knew one area was bound to close due to lack of numbers, but we didn't think it'd be us. So yeah, I will post my change of address next week once I know where I am! 

Anyway, aside from that the week was pretty good. Due to riots all over the mission we had a 7pm curfew Monday and Tuesday, THAT was fun. We had district meetingtuesday, and afterwards I went on exchanges with Elder Mitchell in the English area. We went to Morrilton and gave up the car to the Russelville sisters. Our ride took a while to get there, so we didn't actually get to our bikes until about 4. We went around, saw a few people, but seeing as they live pretty far out and there was a 7pmcurfew, we couldn't do much. We got back in, had some root beer and watched church movies. It was an interesting exchange. Thursday was super fun! We went to the Charlton's house for Thanksgiving. We entertained the kids while the parents got the food ready. "entertained the kids" means that we first went out to the trampoline to bounce around per the daughter's request, then back inside to watch the two boys play Minecraft and Lego superheroes per their request, then to play some board games with everybody, THEN to the eating. And then more board games, karaoke, and pictures. It was a good day. Friday and satruday consisted of runnign all over town to see people, with about 40-50% success because it was fall break. Sundaywas pretty good, we had one of our less actives, Ricardo, show up. 

Well, that's about all that happened this week! Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and didn't get sick or anything. 

Oh, and P.S. here's an awesome Christmas video called "He is the Gift." Watch it!

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