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Monday, December 8, 2014

Another day, Another College Town...

Well, the results are IN! I am now serving in Jonesboro, up in northern Arkansas. It's the home town of Arkansas State University, so now I have to get a Red Wolves shirt to go with my UCA Bears one. 
I am serving with Elder Diaz, who is a tiny little Guatemalan guy from Villa Nueva. (dad, did you ever serve there? ) and also Elder Breckenridge, an English Missionary who is going home next Tuesday for school. He started his mission here, and as a joke he requested to end it here too. haha. So he's stuck with us now, for this week!
Speaking of this week, here's how it went: Monday we went around, said goodbye to people, packed. Tuesday was the same. Wednesday we went to transfers, said bye to some more people, and drove up to jonesboro with Sister Rich, one of the members. We got to the English apartment that we were taking over, and it was FILTHY. so we spent a few hours cleaning up, then went out to go see some people. Our coolest investigator by far is Don. He's a chaplain for a biker church, the Christian Biker's Association. He started investigating the church out of curiosity, and now he is set to be baptized on the 20th! He just absorbed everything we taught him this week, and even though he was told that if he joined the Church he would lose his position in the CBA, he is still set on it. Actually, we never set a date for his baptism, he just was walking around at church telling everyone he'd get baptized in 2 weeks. WOO
Let's see, what else? Well, on fridays we help out Bro. Rougeau, a chemistry teacher at ASU, fix up his classrooms. This week we took out old cabinets and a fumehood to make a new office. Do you know how hard it is to take apart rusted metal from the 60s without power tools while at the same time not breaking the GLASS gas pipe in the back? eh. But we got it mostly done. 

Well, that's avbout all I can remember about this week! OH also you need to see this. So ELder Diaz is making a present for President Wakolo. It's a model of the Memphis temple. Now, when I say model, I really mean architect grade replica from styrofoam presentation board. Here. I'll send more pics in a sec.
Elder Durham - who goes home next week.
Elder Wells, my district leader in Conway, who is also a really good missionary
Sister Armstrong- not approving of the selfie - she's super funny though.
Sisters Cooke and Bryce, from left to right. These two are a RIOT. Among my best friends on the mission.

Sister DeShauer- the hyper one from Mesa.  She's a good teacher though.

Ain't he adorable?  He is 5'1" tall.  (Elder Reay's words)

Model of the Memphis Temple constructed by Elder Diaz

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