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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer is one long sweat stain

As we come to the end of Bike Week IV, I am fully convinced that I sweat more than is healthy for me. My companion is actually concerned for my welfare about this. It's bad. I had to throw my clothes in the dryer three times. In the same day. It's just nasty. On the bright side I got a lot of exercise, and I appreciate our air conditioner more. Actually, quick question about that. So we have a little closet with I guess an intake vent for the AC. Whenever we leave it on for too long or anywhere below 75 degrees, it gets covered in about half an inch of ice. Anyone know how to fix that? Please, let me know. 

So, naturally as a result of bike week, nobody was home to let us in. the beginning of the week, we had a microburst, which hit as we were leaving a trailer park about three miles from our apartment. It dropped 20 degrees in about ten seconds, which felt really nice. Then it started raining with 40 mile an hour winds, and we didn't like it. So, we were forced to stay inside that night. It was crazy. we had bike problems tuesday, and so really this week went really slowly. We got a new member in our ward who is an RM who speaks perfect Spanish, so we are excited about that. And other than that, really nothing much happened this week. To the family, I hope you are having fun in Utah! Say hi to everybody for me!!

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