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Monday, July 7, 2014

Met the new president, ate venison, and possibly lost our recent convert, all in one weekend!

He-llo everybody!  How's it going?
So! This week really flew by. We have done quite a bit of work this week, a lot of it not with investigators. We helped out the Parra family (a less active family of three) get some rent things in order and also got them to church this week.
We also got yelled at by some guy who must belong to the same church the other one was, but this guy went on for an hour and a half, with me standing facing the same direction the whole time. Needless to say, I am still sunburned. It's funny how these people still think that they can prove us wrong without the fullness of the gospel. He wants to take us out to lunch sometime because he "is concerned for our souls." 

 We got to help out the scouts put up flags in people's yards at 6 am, but it was followed by a pancake breakfast so it was all worth it. 
the fourth of july was awesome! We were not able to do a whole lot of work though. We had the flags and then the pancake breakfast, and then we went to help a disabled member hack some trees apart with axes and chainsaws ( I caught two little frogs, they were super chill and could fit on my fingertip) and them we went home, got ready, did some proselyting, met a cool guy who likes fishing (never met a Hispanic who liked to fish, is that normal?) and then we went to the Brocks' house for dinner. They are super rich, and we had a ton of meat, including venison (great to have that again, been too long).

Also on the fourth, we met our new mission president. he is AWESOME. He came with his whole family,which included his wife and two children. His son, Glen, actually had come the week before to play dodgeball with us, but I had no idea who he was. Then he has an adorable 10 year old named Jasmine. He taught us for a while, and the spirit he brought was incredible. I'm excited to be led by him. 

Sunday was pretty good! We had a lot of Hispanics there, most of them returning to activity. And then at the end of Gospel Principles, We were packing up, and Ricky, our RC, went to go talk to  my companion. 
Ricky: How are you? 
Dyorich: I'm okay. I had to translate all of sacrament meeting, and teach in Gospel Principles, so I'm a little tired of talking.
Ricky (apparently taking that as "I don't want to talk to you"): Ok, fine. Bye. <storms out>

We couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic or not, but apparently he wasn't. He ended up walking out the door, and walking the three/four miles home. We don't know what's going to come of that.

Well, this week marks the start of another bike week! I must admit, we have been spoiled. We've been driving a 2014 Toyota corrola (which look fierce, btw) and it's amazing. But now I will be riding the 2014 Specialized hybrid bike. And it's supposed to hit 98 this week. Whee. 

Well, If I don't die, I will talk to you later!  

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