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Monday, April 28, 2014

So we didn't die. That's good, right?

OK! First scary experience of my mission! So we were at a member's house for dinner, and it was really storming. Then the weather radio came off with a tornado warning, and so we turned on the Weather Channel (I know, no TV, but whatevs.) So we sat and watched as a tornado formed and started to go right up towards Conway. It ended up going about five miles south of where we were, but i say that's close enough. Form the last I have heard, there are 15 confirmed dead, including someone in my ward. I didn't know them, but still. Sad.
Apparently, the weather here in Arkansas is absolutely insane. It was really hot and stuff, and then it dumps rain and tornadoes, and then next week it will be in the 40s. Can't handle it.
so, as for the rest of my week, it has been pretty good. We have been finding people a lot, which is good. to update on Ricky, he was not at church this week due to a prior commitment, but he will be there this upcoming Sunday to be confirmed, finally! We also managed to get Milton and Sis. David to church for the first time in years, which also went well, from what I understood.
this week also is the last week I will have with my companion, Elder Dalton. He will be heading home on Tuesday. Sad. But I will take this opportunity to relate something that happened my second week here, that i keep forgetting to mention.
Us, talking about celebrity news he missed out on:
Elder Dalton: And then there's Miley Cyrus...
Me: yeah, it got weird with her, especially with the whole twerk incident.
Dalton:...........what's twerk?
me: serious?
Dalton (confused) Yeah, really. What is it?
Me: ...... A) you don't want to know. B)thank you.
Yep, gonna miss that guy. But he's going back to AZ, so you all can say hi to him.
Well, running out of time here, so I don't think I will be able to write you all personally. I will next week, promise! Have a good one! 

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