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Monday, April 21, 2014

Our investigator gets hijacked

Hello everybody! Happy Post-Easter-jelly-bean-hangover! I hope you all had a good Sunday. Yesterday was another reminder that missionaries really don't get holidays. In the handbook, it refers to holidays as "prime proselyting time" so if anything we are busier. It's all good though.

So yesterday we were going to confirm our new convert, Ricky. We talked to him the night before, set up a ride, and it was all good. But when we came to pick him up, he was not there. We searched the neighborhood, all over. We talked to his mom, and she said, "Oh, he went to that church he's been going to for a while now." New Life. 

Now, let me just explain about New Life. I refer to them as the "great and spacious building" it talks about in the scriptures. For you Arizonans, it's about the same size as CCV. And they really do not like the LDS church at all. So, you could understand we were a tad concerned when we heard he went there for Easter Sunday without telling us or anything. 

So we went back that night, and he still wasn't home. But as we were leaving, there he was on the side of the road. so we stopped immediately and started questioning him about what happened, as nicely as we could. Here's what happened:
Ricky was about ready to go to church with us, when the bus from New Life (yes, they have a bus) stopped by. Apparently one of his neighbors, who was also his pastor there, had noticed that we were taking him to church. So he came over and basically told him that he could only pick one church and that he had to choose right then and there, with the bus of New Life folks watching. Seeing as Ricky is a bit disabled and easily... confused, I guess you can say, he chose to go with the bus. So, when we met him that night, he informed us that we could no longer meet with him, and that he was going back to NLC. However, we had had the same problem with the question of baptism, and that was explained pretty quickly. That being said, we are meeting with him Wednesday to reestablish the fact that he needs to get confirmed a member of the church. I hope that that works. 

In other news, I was sick at the beginning of this week, so that was not too cool. I literally did not sleep all of Monday night, and so Tuesday was basically me napping and almost throwing up. I'm totally fine now though! Also in other news, we got a new sister missionary in Conway from Mesa, so now a third of my district is Arizonan! Represent! Also, as my companion's time is coming, he's been stressing out like crazy. He has been preaching the message of "by the time you leave for your mission, you're going home" to all of us. I'm sure he'll be fine. 

Well, that's about all! I'm off to go hunt down cheap Easter Candy and maybe play some volleyball. Have a wonderful week!
Llamado a Servir,
Andrew Reay

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