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Monday, December 7, 2015

Oh, Christmas tree...

Hey y'all! It was a pretty good week out here in Memphis! Busy, though. 
Monday was pretty good! I had my doctors appointment, which went
really well, a lot better than I thought it would be. Then I stopped
in the Little Rock building to go see my peeps there. Diaz, his new
companion Elder Anaya (who I wish I could serve with, he's awesome),
Sister Bennett and Sister Hudson, and all the rest of the gang. It was
great! Then we drove back to Memphis and went to see the R
family. That went super well, we got to talk with everyone.

Tuesday we had our standard district meeting and then we did a lot of
singing practice. We have a pretty full schedule: Thursday is a "find
the lost sheep" activity in the branch, which The district and I are
singing at, then Saturday we have a stake/citywide nativity event,
which all the zone is singing at, and THEN the zone conference talent
show, which we are both singing and dancing in. I am doing a solo in
each of them, but it's the same song so it isn't as bad. So we did
that, and then had some lunch at Gallo Giro. Then we went and saw the
L girls and their dad and read in the Book of Mormon with them.
Then we saw the P family and taught two of the  sons the
Restoration. It went really well, and they accepted it!

Wednesday was a little slower. We had a lot of stuff fall through.
J had another problem come up, so now he won't be here for a week.
We did manage to see the P, and that went well. We committed them
to come to the activity Thursday, which will be great! Then during
dinner we set up our Christmas tree. I attached a picture. We figured
since it was fake, it would need some help smelling like a tree. Plus,
pine scented car fresheners weren't that expensive. :P

Thursday was spent getting ready for the branch activity that night.
Elder Doty and Elder Heaton were here again, and we went out teaching
with them for a bit too. The activity went pretty well. The idea was
this: A lot of the less active members in the branch are from
Honduras, so President P organized an activity centered around
them. One of the missionaries from here, Elder T, is serving in
the Honduras Tegulcigalpa Mission, so he got the branch he was serving
in together and we had a Skype testimony meeting with them.
Afterwards, we had some dinner together. It was good. The best part
was that the P family came! They really loved the activity, and
the members fellowshipped them a lot.

Friday we went to downtown Memphis to the courthouse, so Elder
Peterson could work out his speeding ticket. It was pretty crazy, but
thanks to a member who is a lawyer we got everything dismissed.
Apparently, due to the mistakes made on the ticket (the car owner was
"the Baptist church" and they got his name and address wrong) it could
not be assumed that any information on the ticket was true. So he got
off clean. Since we were down there and it was our lunch hour, we
stopped on Beale Street, one of the main historical streets. It was
pretty cool. 

We contacted an exchange student from Brazil too. She was
cool! She lives in Massachusetts though, so Bailey, keep an eye out
for that referral :P After that, we got a call from Bro. L asking
us to help him by doing some translating at he hospital for him. His
dad had been in there for a week, and they were going to work out the
outpatient treatment for him. That took a looooong time, and so we got
out just in time for dinner at the Rs, which was good. Then we
went over to visit the Ds, and got to have a good talk with them.

Saturday was also spent getting ready for a Christmas thing. The stake
does an annual Nativity festival, with a lot of other churches
involved and stuff. Our zone was asked to perform some Christmas songs
that night. We were planning to do some teaching and then go down, but
I got called in to translate for a baptismal interview, so we went
down south, only to find that she had moved it last minute to 5 p.m. We
didn't have the miles to go back, so we just got some extra practice
time. The performance went well. Not many people were there, but it
was still good.

Sunday was eh. I had caught a cold the night before, so I was pretty
out of it and couldn't do much. We did get to watch the Christmas
devotional, which was nice. We watched it at the R house with
the Rs, and it was really great. They had a friend over, and she
watched it too! Woo! We also helped them decorate their Christmas
tree, which was fun.

So that was my week! We still have a lot to do this week, so hopefully
it all works out well! I love all of you guys a lot!
Here's the tree haha

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