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Monday, November 23, 2015


Hola hola hola! This week was fantastic! So much good stuff happened! Read on!

Monday we did about the same thing we did last Monday, just relaxed
and did some mall walking. After we did some crazy exercise though.
Elder Peterson has the Insanity workout program, and we have been
doing it for the past few days. It was good, but I totally destroyed
my calf muscles. Walking is very painful, which is great since we
walked all this week. But it was still a good P-day. After that, we
got a ride close to the L house, and biked the rest of the way. We
had a great lesson with them about the plan of salvation. I love
teaching it to kids, because they all have super good questions. And
they had great ones! Then we biked back in the rain to meet with the
others, getting soaked in the process. Always a pleasure.

Tuesday we had specialized training in Southaven, Mississippi. That
makes 3 of the 4 states in the mission I have been to now! I just need
Missouri, but it looks like I won't make it. Oh well. It was a super
good meeting! We got a lot of inspiration on what we can do in our
area with the people we have. I didn't take many notes, so I could pay
more attention to the Spirit. So yeah, it was a great meeting.
Afterwards, the Spanish zone leaders drove us all back in the transfer
van (man, I miss that thing) and we got stuck for a while due to the
freaky storm outside. We finally got out to the L house, only to
find the power in the trailer park had gone out and they didn't open
the door. So, we drove back in the crazy rainstorm. It was nuts.

Wednesday it was nice and sunny outside, which made for a good day. We
were with Elder Doty most of the day. Fist, we saw the R kids
and their mom. We had a super good lesson with them about praying to
know if this is all really true. They seem to already know, but not
deep down yet. We are hoping and praying that they do that. I love
those guys a lot. They are just so incredible. After them, we went (I
limped) to go see the P, and we met their uncle and had a near
perfect lesson with him. That guy is golden. He was answering
questions better than anything I had heard from an investigator. We
invited him to be baptized then and there and he said yes! His name is
L. He is soooo cool. After that we walked for a lot more time,
dropped off Doty and saw the Os. We had a sweet lesson with them
too! Sister H came and we had a really good talk with them and read
in the Book of Mormon. Then we walked back to the Rs' since
Sis. R invited us to have some really good pork roast. And it
was really good. We had a long talk with J about some challenges
he's been having and had a one on one with him.

Thursday we started out helping Sis. P around the house, lifting
heavy stuff and cleaning the yard and all that. She fed us some lunch
and gave us a new supply of Panera bread too. Woo! After that we went
home cleaned up, and started walking to the Rs for dinner, which
was delicious. Hey went out with us afterwards to go see the L
girls. We had a good lesson with them and figured out their baptismal
service for Sunday. Then we went to the Rs' house and had a
good lesson with B and D. We have been working super hard
with D to help her get past her concerns about getting baptized.
She has changed a lot, and it's really cool to see her progress.

Friday was pretty crazy. We found out J had to go due to an
emergency and wouldn't be back until Monday. The girls were going to
have him baptize them, so we had to postpone their baptism. The good
side though: D got her answer! She said she's ready to be
baptized! WOOHOO!! So we are super excited for her. Other than that,
we had dinner at the Ds, and read in the Book of Mormon with the
O family. We read 3 Nephi 11, which is one of the most important
parts of the entire book. It begins the ministry of Jesus Christ among
the people in the Americas. For anyone who hasn't read the Book of
Mormon before, read that part. It's sweet. They liked it too!

Saturday was cold. Like, wear-a-jacket-and-gloves-all-day kind of
cold. And it got colder in the afternoon! Our appointments canceled
for the most part, but we did get to see the L girls and finalize
everything for their baptism tomorrow with Bro. B!! It was
awesome! Those two are super cool. Then their sister will be baptized
in a few weeks once she turns eight, which is great too!

Sunday, everything worked out exactly as planned! It was freezing
outside though. Like in the 20s. Time for the coat again! But anyhoo,
C and V were both very excited! The water was a little
cold (the heater and one of the boilers went out, so the building was
pretty cold) but it went great! I haven't known them for more than a
few weeks, but it has been great seeing them progress! For example,
the night before we realized we hadn't taught them the Word of Wisdom
at all, which is usually a pretty big thing. (It talks about the whole
no coffee, tea, alcohol, etc.) Well, when we talked to them, only one
of them actually liked anything on the list, and after giving us a
pretty sad look, brightened up and said they'd drop it! Yeah, they're
the best this week. After church, we saw a couple we had met last
week. It went pretty well, and they will be reading the Book of
Mormon! Then we came over and read the Book of Mormon with the
R kids. They are still ready for this next weekend!

This week is gonna be DOPE!! Hope you have a happy and healthy (yeah
right) Thanksgiving!  Love y'all a bunch!
The L family! The older girl is C and the younger one is
V, with their mom N and two sisters Y and C.
(C has the phone. She is nuts. Also adorable.)

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