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Elder Andrew Reay
2250 Meadow Glade Ln.
Apt. 1
Memphis, TN 38134

Elder Andrew Reay
Arkansas Little Rock Mission
905 Kierre Drive
North Little Rock, AR 72216-3709

Monday, November 9, 2015

My Triumphal Return

Hey guys! It's been a great week! I moved, so here is my new address:
2250 Meadow Glade Ln
Apt. 1
Memphis, TN 38134

Sound familiar? Keep reading and find out :)

Monday we had a ton of fun at the zoo, as you all know. I sent some
pictures and video already. It was super great, and we all had a ton
of fun! It's a pretty good sized zoo, and there are a lot of animals.
The polar bear and bonobos were hilarious, and the gorilla tried
multiple times to kill us. Also, on the way out we met the sisters
(they came too but we got split up a lot of the time) talking to the
zoo director, and he loaded us up with bags of Halloween candy
leftover from the weekend. We didn't make a dent in what they had
left. It was a marvelous sight. After that, we got picked up by Bro.
B and went to Family Home Evening at the G's house. It was
super fun, and they had a lot of people. The Gs had some family
that had just moved in from Mexico, and so we talked to them for a
while. They are awesome.

Tuesday I took a bit of time to pack and then we went out. Elder Moore
was borrowing Elder Peterson's bike. We made it about two miles down
the road. Then, for reasons as yet unknown, Elder Moore's foot went
into the spokes of the front tire and stopped it dead. He and the bike
did a full flip and destroyed the front wheel. So, we carried it (the
wheel couldn't turn) the few blocks to the bike shop. They really like
us now :P So we got a new wheel, and then fixed the new wheel. By
then, we had barely enough time to go to the H's trailer park
for dinner. It was great, as usual. Then we went out teaching with
Bro. I. We saw a referral we had gotten last week named
Z. We had a good long talk with him. Then, R from Jackson came
and picked us up for a goodbye dinner.

Wednesday was great! We all came to transfer meeting. Elder Moore got
his trainee, Elder Jorgensen, who is learning Spanish too! It's crazy!
As for me, I am..... BACK IN EAST!! My companion is Elder Peterson,
the other English "convert" we have. Elder Salazar took Elder Heaton's
place down south, and Elder Butler got put in the Impact Elder
position. They don't really have an area; they go wherever
missionaries need help finding people or covering teaching
appointments and help out. It's a cool position. So that happened!
After that, we went With Moore and Jorgensen to Olive Garden to
celebrate. It's funny, since Peterson trained Moore, Jorgensen is
technically his "grandson." Three generations in one district haha.
After that, we went and saw some of my new investigators. We have a
lot going on here! Four people are committed to be baptized this
month, it's great.

Thursday was pretty good as well. We started of visiting a sort of
less active family. Their son is a really good cook, so he invited us
over for lunch two days in a row! It was super delicious. After that
we taught them about the Book of Mormon and committed them to come to
church. Then we ditched the car for a bit. We did a lot of walking, so
we talked to a lot of people. There is this really cool girl we are
teaching named M. She is super open to our message, and she is
reading and praying! She has some crazy kids though haha. That night
we also went to Bro. Rs' house to teach his kids! It's great
being able to do that again, I love those guys. After eating what he
made for dinner (he ALWAYS makes us dinner) we read in the book of
mormon with them and set up a plan where we are goi to go over every
night and read a chapter with them. They seem excited about it!

Friday we went over and had lunch with A (that's his name) again.
He made double decker steak sandwiches. It kind of looked like the
fanciest Big Mac you will ever see, except it tasted a million times
better. After that we went to go see some more people, but they
weren't home so we found some more to teach! Then we ran back to our
car, picked up the other guys, dropped them off at dinner and went to
give Bro. V a blessing. Then we came back to dinner at the Ds
with the others. It was really good, and we had a good talk with Bro.
jD. Then we went to the Rs' again, and had another dinner
before reading again. They really seem to like it! They are all
learning something from it too, which is great.

Saturday was purely mental. We were volunteered to do the translation
for the stake leadership training meeting. We had planned to do it in
shifts, but with transfers I was the only one up here who spoke enough
Spanish. So, that meant 4 hours of rapid fire Spanish and scripture
finding. People used quotes from a lot of stuff I couldn't find too,
so that was fun. That took up the vast majority of the day. They
talked about good stuff though. This stake has a lot of really strong
members, and they have big goals they can achieve. Then we had dinner
with the Rs. It was a really good soup with an Italian name I
can't pronounce. They are really fun, I always enjoy going over there.
The Rs' kids went skating, so that left us out of things to do
for the night.

Sunday was GREAT. We had one of our families show up, which was great!
Y came too, which was awesome even though I am not teaching him
anymore. He is getting baptized this Saturday! Woo! I did more
translating, which was also good. After church we went out teaching
with Bro. R to go see the same family that came. The wife is a
recently returned member, and we are teaching her husband and kids. It
was the husband's first time at church, which was a miracle since he
works ALL THE TIME. They just approved Sundays off for him! So we had
a really good lesson there. They are set to be baptized  on the 21st,
so we are praying for them! Then we went back to his house and had
some dinner and played with his dogs (he has the most adorable
chihuahua I have ever seen, I will send a picture) and then taught his
kids. We set a date for his daughters for the 21st too! Oh, I don't
think I mentioned this, but his son D got baptized when I went to
Little Rock! That was cool! So we are working really hard with them so
that they feel ready to be baptized.

So, at was my week! We have a lot going for us this month, and I am
super excited! The mission has set the goal of baptizing 100 people
this month, which is a huge step above what we have been doing. But
last year we tried and got 92, so we can do it this time!! I love you
guys! The Gospel is true! It will help you with literally anything. It
has changed my life. Let it change yours. :)

Gorilla at the Memphis Zoo

Memphis Zoo

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