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Monday, October 19, 2015

Random Adventures

Monday we all got together, per Sister Reed's requests once it was her
birthday that week. We hung out, played some signs and ultimate
frisbee, and basically had a lot of fun. Then we grabbed a bit to eat
and went back up north. Then we went to the Triangle to go see why
nobody came to church. We couldn't really find anyone home, but we did
give one of our investigators a blessing, which was a cool experience.
Then we went up to Bro. I's house for dinner and family home
evening. He had invited some other families over too, so it was a full
house! We had a good time there too, and gave 2 more people blessings.
It was cool to be able to use the priesthood so much. Then we went
home and let the other elders in to spend the night, since there was
no running water at their complex for the day.

Tuesday was Specialized Training, which was super good! We have been
working a lot on presenting the lessons in a simple and short way, and
we talked a lot about that. Then, we went out to practice what we
learned with people! I got put in a pretty upper-class neighborhood.
Not many people were home, but we did manage to see a few people. We
got a surprise when we came back: Elder Reed came to visit! Elder Reed
was basically the technical genius of the mission. He was an office
elder for a year, and got everything organized for the iPads when they
came. He is also a pro beat boxer and standup comedian by trade. It
was a great skill set. So that was cool to see him again! After that,
we drove to go to some follow up appointments, but no one was home.
Then we picked up the APs truck for Wednesday, and had dinner with the
Hs. It was really good,  we had a good talk with her fiancĂ©e,
Bro. V about how he joined the church.

Wednesday was an adventure! We left early and headed off to Little
Rock. Elder Moore hadn't been there aside from meetings, so he was
pretty stoked. We made good time, and we stopped by my old apartment
to pick up Elder Diaz and my "son" (it's great, Diaz and I had a kid
together! :P) so they could borrow the car. As it happened, they were
supposed to have the truck that week but due to my appointment they
couldn't have one at all. So, out of pity we let them have it. It was
great to see them again! Moore is doing great, he and Diaz are having
a lot of fun there. So we went to the dentist. My temporary crown had
fallen out literally the night before, so it went pretty quickly. We
waited around for the other guys to bring the car back, and then we
drove to Memphis again. It was a long day in the car, but it was still
fun. Then we got to see some referrals and find some new people, which
was great!

Thursday was pretty good, but very all over the place. We saw
F. He moved the week before to another friend's house in a more
stable neighborhood, which is good. So we met his friend T 
and her 5 kids. They are super hyper, but
pretty cool. She also had a lot of cats, which set off my allergies
pretty bad. After them we tried to do some finding, but didn't have
much luck until later that night. We stopped to see W, this super
cool lady we found last week. She wasn't home, but her niece M
was! She is also really really awesome.   She is 20 and just moved to
the States a few months ago. She's going through some rough stuff
right now, but she handles it really well. We are excited to work with

Friday we went back to the Triangle to continue our process of weaning
everyone off of us and onto the other guys. I don't remember a lot.
The allergies disguised a cold I was coming down with, so e next
morning I had slept about 3 hours and was dead tired. We did have a
super good lesson with L though! She is the daughter of one of our
investigators, and she is really interested. She is reading the Book
of Mormon and has a lot of questions, which we are happy to answer :)
After that we had dinner with the Rs, which was delicious. They
make some really good homemade pancakes, I will have to steal the
recipe. Anyway, then Bro. I came and went out teaching it's
us. That man is awesome. He is a huge joker a lot of the time, but he
also loves the people to death. MIRACLE OF THE WEEK: We had been
thinking of seeing this one man named D that they had met a long
time ago, but hadn't seen. Another appointment had fallen through and
we both felt we should go there. When we told Bro. I, he said,
"oh, you mean D so-and-so? I've been friends with him since I
lived in Honduras. He'll let us in." Turns out, not only were they
friends, but he had talked with him ALL THE TIME about the gospel. God
knows stuff, guys. He runs our work.

Saturday involved a lot of driving everywhere. First, we tried going
to see W and M with the H's daughter, but they
weren't home. That was sad, since we had a set appointment with them.
But she bought us Sonic for lunch, which helped.  She is really cool
too. :) After that, we went and printed some stuff off for he branch
activity that night. They were doing a Family History night, and so
everyone was told to bring a board with information on one of their
ancestors. I picked Daniel W. Jones, mainly because I already knew a
bit about him. As it turns out, he was one of the FIRST group of
Spanish missionaries ever! They went to Mexico to go set up the church
there. Kinda cool, Spanish missionaries are in my blood on BOTH sides!
:) So we did that really quick, then we went to go invite F and
T. She couldn't come, but her kids wanted to! We said that would
be good, thinking that it was an "activity" it would be pretty fun. As
it turned out, it was actually much more of an adult thing. But,
F and his 5 little friends still came! It was a good event, and
PROPS to Elder Moore for keeping 5 kids under the age of 9 entertained
for an hour with a pocket notebook and a box of Tic Tacs. I do t know
how he did it.

Sunday was good too! Four of the 5 kids came, which was great. I gave
a talk, which I had been assigned to do he night before (thanks Pres.
P) and it went pretty well. After church we saw the kids and
F again so we could get permission from their mom to teach them.
She said it was fine, even though she isn't too interested. She wants
her kids to grow up in a church, though. After that we did some
finding, with limited success. We did stop in and see M for a
minute, just missing W as she left. Other than that, nothing
really happened. Oh, and we also made no-bake cookies. Shout out to
Anjilee Amos for sending the recipe, they are SUPER good. My companion
sends his heartfelt thanks as well. :)

Hope you all had a fantabulous week! Enjoy the fall, while you can! I
sure will!
I love you all!
Elder Reay
Pic: Saying goodbye to 2 of the Konway gang! Elder Mitchell and Sister
Armstrong. It's weird seeing Armstrong go, she is he first sister I

have seen start and finish her mission.

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