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Elder Andrew Reay
2250 Meadow Glade Ln.
Apt. 1
Memphis, TN 38134

Elder Andrew Reay
Arkansas Little Rock Mission
905 Kierre Drive
North Little Rock, AR 72216-3709

Monday, July 13, 2015

Memphis is awesome, basically

Hello hello hello from the other side of the Mississippi! This week
was insane and all over the place and hot and awesome and a lot of

First off, my new address is:
4520 Meadow Glade Ln. Apartment 1
Memphis, TN 38134

I guess it didn't get through to some people when it made a

So Monday we did some email, ate lunch at the Steak N' Shake (new Pday
tradition, btw) and then looked at some random stuff at the mall. Then
we had dinner with the G. family, which was great. Bro. G. is
hilarious. They got there a bit late, so by the time we were done it
was time to go home.

Tuesday was a hot one. Actually this whole week was a hot one, but
yeah. We had a car, which was good. We dropped off the other elders
(they were on bike week haha) and then went off to teach people. We
didn't end up finding many people at all. That's one of the things
about Memphis, not many people answer their door. It's all right
though, there are so many people here we will never run out!  Then we
picked up the other elders and met up with he Germantown elders for
dinner with the V. family. Bro. V. saw the English elders in
McDonalds and invited them to have dinner with us. It was super good,
we had chicken empanadas. A LOT of chicken empanadas. I got stuffed,
and so did everyone else.

Wednesday we started off with a zone meeting. It was good! Elder Fiso
is my zone leader, so it's great to see him again! We talked a lot
about how we can answer people's concerns from rumors they heard about
the church. After that, we went on exchanges! I left my area to go
with Elder Diaz! It was fun to be together again. Granted, it was
hotter, we were biking, and the bike I was using only had one working
pedal, but it was still fun! We had dinner with the coolest recent
convert EVER, Bro. R. We had a TON of good food, and had a
really good time. He is hilarious. We also ate some small beetles. For
real. They actually don't taste that bad, they're a little spicy. The
hard part was getting them into your mouth, they run! :P apparently
they're super healthy for you.

Thursday we unexchanged and went back out into the oven! We talked to
some more people and walked around a lot. Then we went to the
H. house to have a "fellowship night" at their house. It was
really fun, we had some of our investigators come! We had hotdogs and
played games, and it was great.

Friday we want to do some training for phase 2 of the iPad
implementation. By this Thursday, all of our planners and records will
be going digital! For you older missionaries, that may be a little
weird. Trust us, it's weird for us too. But anyhow, that took a long
time. Then we had dinner with one of the youth who was getting ready
for his mission. He fed us Chinese food, and it was delicious. Then we
did some planning, and picked up the other guys.

Saturday was pretty slow as well. We did manage to get in a few
lessons though which was nice. We went out teaching with Bro. L.
after having some mole with him. Not the rodent, the sauce. We saw
some less active members and gave their daughter a blessing. Then Bro.
R. called randomly and told us to come over for like 5 minutes.
So we did. He seemed pretty normal, and then he asked Elder Heaton if
he liked brown or blue better. He said blue. Hen he led us back to the
other room, turned on the light, and there sat 2 fresh new suits. No
joke. Plus a tie. And socks. We were speechless. He told us that he'd
had a really good week at work, and he wanted to show his appreciation
for us. We were extremely grateful, but I doubt we will be able to
make it up to him. I'll send pics as soon as we hem the pants.

Anyhow, Sunday was good as well! I gave a talk (forgot to mention
that, I got assigned to speak Wednesday) and it went really well. I
talked about how the members of the church could help us missionaries
in the mission work. I think they received it well, they have a lot of
desires to help, and now they have some ways they can do it! After
church we had meetings that went reeeeeeally late, we got home about
5. We went and saw a girl named J. we had met the week before and
set a baptismal date with her! That was awesome! She is really cool.
Then we walked to Bro. R's house to visit him. Naturally, he
had food. And it was super good. He'd had a rack of ribs marinating
for 3 days in his fridge. I also discovered that agua de sandía
(watermelon, water and a bit of sugar run through a blender) is
probably the best thing ever for a hot day.

Well, that's my week! Sorry I was so late writing, we were getting
stuff done all of today. We went to a thrift store and got some random
stuff (I got some good sturdy loafers for cheap) and then we went to
the place they got the suits at to get some resizing done. So I may
not get to respond to everyone today. Keep writing though, I really
appreciate it!

I love all of you a lot! Bye!
Spanish Elders and Sisters in Memphis on the 4th with a wonderful member!

"We are a little weird..."

The "Elder Bednar" pose?

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