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Monday, June 29, 2015

Time to Go

Hello all! It's been a pretty good week here in Jonesboro, which is
good because it was also my last! I was told I am going to Memphis.
It'll be my first big city area in my whole mission. We'll see how
that goes!

Anyhow, the week in review:
Monday we didn't do a whole lot. We played Settlers of Catan for a
bit, which was pretty fun. Then we went to the Rs for dinner.
The guy from South Africa was there again, so it was really enjoyable.
Since it was my last week, I got pictures with them and stuff. I had
gotten an ASU yearbook for free a few weeks before, so I had them sign
it. One of the better ideas I have had in the mission for sure :P
Tuesday we had district meeting and then exchanges again! I ended up
with Elder Zickella in my area. The exchange went well. We went out to
Bay to see Q, but he wasn't home so we looked around the
neighborhood and found some more people to talk to. We also had a
really friendly German shepherd follow us around the place the entire
time. After that we went to conversations, but no one was there either
so we went to go see B, a recent convert. She was studying for
a test so we helped her with some algebra. After all that, we went to
Bro. M's house to help him move. Then we ran to the G's
house for dinner, which was good. After that we tried seeing some
people but they weren't home. We did find some new ones though!
Wednesday we got off of exchanges and went out to D's house. At
least we tried to get out to D's house. We were on bikes, and it was SUPER hot outside, so we made it about halfway and just about died of dehydration. So we went and saw some other people who were closer by. We met with one of the volunteers from Conversations, because his friend from California who is a Mormon came to visit. We had a pretty good lesson with him, we will see where that goes! Anyway, then we went to the S house for dinner. After that, we went out teaching with Bro. S and met a great family the other elders told us to visit. Then we walked around and tried to find people, but no dice. 
Thursday we started off by going to visit T! She is doing well, but she wasn't able to make it to church at all because she works so much. Hopefully her schedule can change! Anyway, then we went to Conversations, and said goodbye to people, had a paper airplane war, and took a LOT of selfies. #myfacehurts :P Then we went around Little Mexico for a bit, went and got a cupcake from the Rs and headed to the Ss for dinner. They just got 2 new kittens and 2 old dogs to take care of, and they were pretty entertaining.
Friday  we headed out to Bay and visited with the S family. It was a really good lesson, we talked about a LOT. Then we went back to Jonesboro due to a really bad storm cell that was blowing through, but it pulled an AZ and disappeared on the way there. So we biked up north for a bit until Elder Hernandez' bike tire went flat in 10 seconds. Then we walked to the R's house for dinner, which was really good.  When we came back out, his tire didn't have a hole and held air perfectly well (#milagro) so we could make it out to D's house and have a quick lesson with him. It was on the way back from there that the storm came back and got us pretty wet. It let up literally as we were pulling into the parking lot where our car was. It was fun though. 
Saturday was pretty good too! The weather was the best it's been in weeks, the wind was actually cool! :P It made it really nice to walk around most of the day, which is what we did. We had dinner with the Ls, which was delicious. They gave me a Phoenix Suns shirt (woo) and we had a good time. Then we practiced our song for sacrament meeting! After that we ran to the Gs house to see how they were doing. 
Sunday was good. The song went wonderfully, which was good since we had practiced a grand total of like 10 minutes that week. Afterwards, I said bye to everyone in the ward and stuff. After church, we went to a lot of people, but we only got into a few doors. One of them is B and her family. They're super cool, so we will see what happens with them! After that, we had dinner with the Os, which was really fun. I get along really well with that family. Then, we went on exchanges again! Elder Hernandez and Elder Croft were on the list to go to the temple today, so they went to the office last night, and Zickella and I are here for today! 

To finish, cool story from last night. We got to meet some really cool people. We had along discussion out on their porch while getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. The husband admitted afterwards he had been trying to ask us questions to get something that we believe that is just not agreeable with his personal beliefs, and he couldn't do it. Funny thing about us, our beliefs really aren't that weird. We're Christian. We follow Christ. We use and believe very strongly in the Bible. When it comes down to it, whatever your religion is, we're pretty similar. One reason I love being a missionary, I get to explain that to people who have been hearing a LOT of misinformation about what we believe. It's great to be able to clear things up. 

Anyway, that was my LAST week! Tuning in next time from Memphis, TN!

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