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Monday, June 15, 2015

All the Awesome People!

This was an AMAZING week! A lot of awesome stuff happened!
So Monday we went out with Bro. S to go visit some people. We saw the H family, who we had met a few weeks back. They are a really sweet family, they all get along really well. They had had some concerns about us because missionaries claiming to be LDS had stopped by before, and basically lied the whole time. Apparently, we don't believe in God or anything like that. So, we set things straight with them and had a good lesson. 

Tuesday we went to Conversations class, and we found out that they were doing Floor Hockey for it. We didn't do much, mostly sat on the sidelines and talked to people. But we did get a few good selfies, which was awesome. :P then we went and saw the Ms. Bro. M really opened up to us, and he wants to get back into church now!  Then we had dinner with the S, and had to rush off to Bay and go see Q. We had a good lesson with him and his siblings, and watched the Restoration video with them. 

Wednesday we decided that we needed a lot more people to teach, because we were running out of people who were interested! So we walked around for a good minute. And find people we did! We talked to this awesome kid named D who is really cool and stuff. He told us to go visit one of his friends who was going through a bad time. Then we ran into a guy who had been taught before, C. He seems pretty cool. They're building a second floor onto their house currently, so it's crazy over there. Then we talked/ate with the O family, which was super delicious. They always offer us food or something when we come over! After that, we had dinner with the
L family, which was also delicious. Then we walked around some more, and met this cool lady named B who we are going to see on Tuesday. 

Thursday we went to Conversations again. It was pretty chill, we mostly sat around and talked, like we normally do. We met some more of the Japanese students. One of the teachers taught them to say Hola, so when we came in they all yelled it. It was funny. We met a lot more cool people in an area I had never gone before, and it turned out there were a lot of Hispanics there! Then we tried some more people, got to talk with K for a bit, which was nice, and then went to basketball. We had to leave right before it started to go give a blessing to Sis. S, who was in the hospital. Then we got a call from Bro. L, needing some help lifting some heavy stuff. By the time we got back, no one was at the church, so we went home. 

Friday we went to Little Rock! Elder Kopishke from the Seventy came down to visit with us. It was a great meeting. The way he does his visits is awesome! He doesn't come with anything prepared. He gives us a minute to think of some questions we have had, then he speaks for a bit, and turns the rest of the time over to us. We ask questions about anything, and then he helps us find the answer in the scriptures and stuff. I learned a ton from it, and it was great! We got back to Jonesboro about 7: 30, so we didn't have much time. We met a referral from Conway named K who is really cool, then we saw D. Things are really going well with him in all aspects of his life now, which he attributes to what he's been learning from our lessons. 

Saturday was another round of "How much Sweat Can You Have?" We did a lot of walking again, and met even MORE new people! We are really getting blessed with so many people who are interested in our message. We got to see D, a guy we had been teaching who we hadn't seen in a LONG time. When we left there, this kid ran up to us and said, "Hey! You should go talk to my dad, he has one of those Jesus pictures you guys have." (we have a lot of little cards with His picture on it that we give people.) Anyway, his dad wasn't home, but his mom was! They are a really awesome family, and they are really open too! We talked for a while, and it was great. Then we met with D again, and then went to some less active members we had met a few weeks ago, the Ks, and shared a video with them. Actually, I'm gonna look that video up. It's REALLY good. Here's the link: . It's called "Our Eternal Life." It talks about a lot, but mainly where we came from, why we're here, and where are we going. It's only like 3 minutes. WATCH IT. 

Sunday was pretty standard. I did the Spanish translating for the service. I've been doing it for the past 3 months or so, and it seems to help my Spanish. Also it really seems to raise my stress level for the entire hour. But it's all good. After church, we went to look for more people. We met this super cool dude named D. He has a really strong testimony, and you can see it. Then we did some more snooping around, and found some more people. We met 3 brothers from Honduras, one of which had arrived here the day before. Then we had dinner with the C family, and went to go see T. 

And that was our week! I will send some pictures in a sec, and maybe a video if it'll send! Love you guys!

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