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Monday, April 13, 2015

Elder Cuatrocorbatas

Hello, errybody! I hope you all had a wonderful week! Ours was pretty good.
Tuesday was a smidge slow. We went to the English classes, and talked with some Saudis for a bit about Saudi stuff and soccer. We got a call from S. saying he was ready to move out. Right then. So we called up F. and we were getting set to get him, but then his girlfriend came home and got super angry. So we brought S. to the church to kind of work things out. He was in bad shape. His girlfriend had been making some false accusations that he was worried would make the police involved. So we gave him a blessing. It was a very spiritual experience for everyone. Then we took him home, then Elder Holden got packed and ready for transfers! 

Wednesday we drove down to pick up my new companion, who is...... ELDER FORTIE! (four-tie)
And here is my companion, elder Fortie! And ladies, he IS single :P
He has been out 18 months. He actually started his mission here in Jonesboro, so he already knows the area pretty well. Elder Diaz went to Little Rock to replace Elder Meyers, who just arrived home. We drove home, went and bought some food, and then went to have dinner with the S family, which are basically the grandparents of the missionaries. Then we went to the church to make some copies and introduce the "new guy." Then we went and met with the Os, a family that Elder Fortie was really close to the first time. They were super excited to see him. 

Thursday was a lot of getting Fortie on his feet and updating him on the people. We met with D. really quick, and visited some part member families that he met with back in the day, that I didn't know existed. One of the cool ones is the S. family. He baptized some of them his first few transfers. They are super awesome. Then we went and played basketball, in which we creamed the other kids at 2 on 2. I'm actually improving at a sport! 0.o 

Friday we went to go help bro. R. at the college, then we met with the Os, a part member family that Elder Fortie knew, and taught his wife a bit. Then we had dinner at the Ss, who were VERY happy to see Elder Fortie again. 

Saturday we went all over. We had an appointment with an ex-member that Elder Fortie knew, but they cancelled so we ended up just walking around. Miracle moment: We were crossing at an intersection, and a guy didn't see the red light. He screeched to a stop, skidding 6 inches in front of Elder Fortie. Had he taken another step, he would have been nailed by a pickup truck. It was actually pretty funny, there were 2 girls advertising a carwash right at the corner, and they freaked out. Elder Fortie just stopped, looked at the truck, then at them, and said, "Huh. Kinda close, wasn't it?" then walked away. Always nice how God will look out for His servants. Anyhoo we went around and saw more people, then had dinner with the Os. It was super delicious authentic Mexican food. Man, it was good. 

We got up early for ward council at 7:30 (ugh). It was really good though, Bishop Rich seems to have some big plans for the ward. S ended up not coming to church, because he said he wanted to skip a Sunday and see if he felt any different. We're a little worried about that, but we will see what happens. But anyway, after some plugs from the pulpit on how important it was to have the missionaries over, we gained some weight. First we had lunch at the Cs right after correlation meeting, and taught them a bit. Then the other elders dropped us at the church and we had just enough time to drive home and change, then we went to dinner at the Ss' house. At this point I'm pretty full of a lot of food. Then we drove out to the Ss house, where we found dinner watiing for us. And it wasn't a normal dinner. It was a "T plate." T, the dad , had put about 3 pounds of rice, hamburger, mashed potatoes, and mac'n cheese, with 2 king size candy bars for dessert. Needless to say, I couldn't do it. I gave it my best, though, and got about half of it down before I could not fit anything else. Then we had a great lesson with Q, one of the sons who hasn't been baptized. We set a date for baptism with him, and made a plan to help him quit smoking. 

Aaaannnd that's it! I hope to hear from y'all soon! I love you guys!

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