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Monday, March 30, 2015


Hello, all you wonderful people!
So this week, we have been sharing a video that the Church out on Saturday called Because He Lives. I couldn't attach it to here directly, but WATCH IT. ITS AMAZING. Go to NOW.

Anyhoo, this was an... interesting week.
Monday we met this awesome lady named L. She's Catholic, but seemed really interested in what we had to say. We set an appointment for Thursday.
Tuesday we had district meeting. It was still super weird with only four people, it ended up being a really big companionship study. We all learned a lot though so it worked out. Then Elder Diaz and I hit the bikes, because we are low on miles for the car. We went around, and talked to some people by the hospital. that place always has people sitting around, and they really like listening to us to take their minds off of the person inside the hospital. (Fun fact: the hospital is directly across the street from the city cemetery. Best city planning EVER.) Then we taught S at the R's house. He postponed his own baptism because he has to work out some old marriage issues and move out of his girlfriend's house. We are totally fine with that one, seeing as that is one thing we were going to ask him to do anyways.
Wednesday we were back in the car... for a bit. We went out with F in his hoopdy to go see some former investigators, the Os. They are good friends with the Ms, and VERY catholic. But they enjoy having us come by, and we had a good discussion about the Restoration. then we met with the husband of a less-active, and he agreed to let us come by and teach him. He hasn't really ever been open, so we're excited! Then we went and shared a quick spiritual thought with the Ds, a part-member family. the kids love us, but the parents not so much. So we came by when only their aunt was home, and talked with them for a bit and committed them to go to church.
Thursday was a bit hectic. We had planned a whole day of walking so we could talk to some more people, with plans to go later in the day with a member to go see L. Well, we ended up with two members saying yes to go out with us. We went with Bro. L  (who MOM knows) to see L. She had to cancel due to a hair appointment she'd forgotten about, and so we left. As we were leaving, and she was leaving, The Father of the Catholic church here came out with her. Close encounter there.  Then, we took out B, one of the youth, and went finding. We had a long talk with an ex-marine who had severe mental issues and was very drunk, and that was about everyone we could talk to. We taught L, a guy Diaz found on exchanges, about the book of Mormon to clear some things up. Then we dropped him off and had dinner at the W's house.
Friday we had a normal day at first. We did weekly planning and then went to ASU to help out Bro. R. This week his job was taking the huge pile of old class furniture, smash it to pieces with hammers, and throw it in the dumpster. Fun stuff. then we got a call from the zone leaders, and apparently there were some issues in Pocahontas with some members, so they were doing an emergency transfer. Elder D had 2 hours to pack and be ready. So, now I am with Elder Holden! I'll only be with him for a couple weeks most likely, so it feels like a really long exchange for us. He is also an English missionary, making me the only one here who speaks any Spanish. Whee.
So, Saturday. It snowed a bit in the morning, so we figured it would be a weird day. We did a bit of reassessment and then went teaching. we tried to see some of the people we had met by the hospital. No one answered so we left our number. then we saw S again, and read the Book of Mormon with him, since he was a little lost about the chapter we left him. Turns out he read the wrong chapter so it makes sense! Then we tried some other appointments we had, but they mostly fell through. We did find a family of Jehovah's Witnesses who tried Bible bashing us. Luckily, they spoke Spanish so I was the only one who could talk. that made the discussion shorter.
Sunday was also pretty crazy! I was translating for the meeting (obviously) and they called a new bishopric! Bishop G was replaced with Bishop R, with Bro. L and Bro. W as counselors. It was a big change. The D kids came, and so did S. he got to meet the stake president and he was super excited. After church, we had  polled venison sandwiches (which were AMAAAAZING) from the Ms, and then went out walking the streets again. We met some people, & left a Book of Mormon in a "mini library" box. Also, the people we left a card with on their door called us and asked us to come back! Turns out he doesn't even live there, but the people who do are AWESOME. We have high hopes for them.

So that's about all the time I have! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter. I know that He lives, and that the sacrifice He made blesses all of us.

Love you guys!

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