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Monday, February 2, 2015

Back on Our Feet

Well, this week was actually fairly good as far as our workload was concerned! It was nice to have a lot of people to talk to.
So Tuesday was my first district meeting! It went pretty well as far as anyone will tell me. Then we power walked a few miles to the college (its great when your car runs out of miles isn't it?) to do english classes. Then we power walked back to the church and went our teaching with C. R., who goes into the MTC this week to prepare to serve in Virginia! We saw T., a lady we had met a while ago and taught the first 2 lessons to. We hadnt seen her in a month, so it was nice to see her again. Since she had just moved in to her house, she had no furniture. So we all sat on the floor and had a great lesson there. Her only problem is that she has two jobs that keep her busy all day, so she's hard to catch and its even harder for her to find time to go to church. We couldn't catch anyone else at home, so we dropped off C.,& had dinner at the ward mission leader's house with the other elders. We had a bunch of shrimp and noodles, since Elder Zickella's medical condition gives him a really limited diet. It was still pretty good though.
Wednesday we decided that the only way to be able to talk to more people was to just go and find more people. So that was what we did. All day long. We didn't have any set appointments, so we just went to a bunch of neighborhoods, and knocked on peoples' doors. For those of you not familiar with missionary vocabulary, this is called "tracting." It's not the best way to teach people, but it sure does help you find them! And find them we did! We talked to a lot of new people. Most of them were not super interested, but some people did tell us to come back. We did find this super awesome family though! It's the H. family. We found the daughter first, and she is a senior in high school. She seems super interested, and really nice. She is also a few months pregnant, from what she told us. Her parents weren't home, so we said we'd stop by another time.  
Thursday we did the same thing we did on Wednesday, but in different areas. This time we didn't meet anyone super promising. In fact, no one was really home in the neighborhood. That night was the best, though. We had a lesson with S. and W. at the R.'s house. It was going about the same as usual, we used a General Conference talk by Jeffery R. Holland (putting the link at the end, SWEET talk) and the Bible and Book of Mormon & taught them about the nature of God and they responded with the same scriptures they had used the past three weeks to try and convince us that we were essentially going to hell. This cycle repeated a few times, and finally we just both bore our testimonies of what we knew was true.. And let me tell you something, I don't think I had ever felt the Holy ghost as strong as I did then. I have been working out some personal things with God lately, and that moment not only bore witness to everyone in the room of the truth, but also to me personally that my prayers had been answered. But S. and W. didn't feel it. S. was looking at me like I was a sick puppy or something. It's sad, they really do want the best for us. I could see that. What they were doing was their effort to help us to find the right path. The probelm is, I already have. I know that this church is true. Nothing anyone can say or show me is going to change that. There are a lot of people out here who find a lot of lies about the church or "evidence" that proves that our doctrine is false. They just tend to ignore the pile of scripture and physical evidence in our favor. But anyhoo, we finished things with them. They have all they need to find the answers for themselves if they are willing to look at it with an open mind. 
Friday we had another pretty good day, except for the fact that we nearly froze to death. When we started out it was a pretty nice day, but then the clouds moved in and it got really cold really fast. So we called F. and then went with him to avoid frostbite. We tried to see T. again, but she was working. We got to meet the rest of the H. family though! They seem really nice as well. They work every day unless it is raining, so hopefully it rains every Sunday so they can come to church! 
Saturday we had a few appointments, but we still wanted to find more people. So back on the bikes! We went up and down a lot of hills to go to this huge park to try and talk to people there. But it was so cold that there were about 6 cyclists, and that was it. So we went back a bit and walked around a neighborhood of HUGE houses. Not a lot of people opened their doors. So then we rode to the church and F. picked us up AGAIN (love this guy) and we went and saw some more people, mainly old investigators we wanted to try and see again. We met this sweet old Hispanic lady who has a strong testimony of jesus Christ and all He did. She's super nice. 
Sunday it actually did rain! But The Hs didn't show up, along with a lot of the ward. It was just really cold and miserable outside. Luckily, we got our miles reset on the car so we could drive! We went around after church to look for more former investigators that other missionaries had visited before. We met one guy who seemed to be a Pentecostal preacher, based on how he used the scriptures. We had dinner at the Ms., and then went out with their son J. to go see some people. None of them were available, thanks to the Superbowl, so that was a little annoying, but yeah. 

Annnnd that's the week! Here's an MP3 of the talk, if it sends! if not, here's the link:

Llamado a Servir,
Andrew Reay

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