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Monday, January 19, 2015

Transfer Craziness Week

So this week's been NUTS. Just a bit of everything. So here we go:
Tuesday we went and did some teaching. We found two more guys at this one house where everyone loves having us over, and taught them the first lesson. They are awesome, and pretty spiritual considering they're 14 and 16. We also found out that the sisters were getting replaced by elders. When Elder Diaz found out, he called president, and before I could tell him it was a bad idea, he asked if we could take their apartment. Here was the conversation: 
Pres: Well, would you have to take a lot of stuff?
Diaz: No, just our luggage.
Pres: ...Why do you want to do this?
Diaz:....well, it's a better apartment.
Pres: ... I will say yes.
So. Tuesday night and wednesday was spent packing and cleaning out the apartment, driving over to the sister's apartment several times to bring it all over, and then cleaning some more. But it was totally worth it. To explain, here was our old apartment when we got there:
Old apartment

And HERE is what we have now:

It's a mansion, SO CLEAN. To all you Sisters out there, how do you do it? Anyway, so that's how we spent most of wednesday. We got two MORE spanish missionaries here, elder Ludwig (who's served here before) and Elder Meza (Elder Diaz' MTC companion). 
Also, that night, the other missionaries started to text me, letting me know they were in their apartments. So.... APPARENTLY, I'm the new District leader here! I'm in charge of the missionaries here in Jonesboro as well as in Pocahontas, so 6 in total. Still not sure what to think about that. But, I guess I'll have  to fulfill my responsibilities. 
Thursday, Sister Hill came by with her dad, traveling through the mission with them before going home. It wasn't too emotional or anything, I had just seen her three days ago. We didn't do much that day, due to the ongoing hibernation of all the people who'd want to learn. We went to this super awesome young couple who just walked into church one day. The sisters had an appointment with them, but they referred them to us. So we go there, and have an awesome lesson about the Restoration of the Gospel. The husband already has a Book of Mormon marked in dozens pf places, they are listening and asking good questions, it's great. and THEN he starts to bash with us afterwards. all the marked scriptures are used to attack our beliefs. As it turns out, he works for another church, and his job was to find out about all our beliefs so they can preach against them in their "class" on the Mormons they have every Wednesday. Also he gave a pretty good try to convince us to abandon the Church and accept the "truth." He was very nice about it, he actually does have our well being as his priority. But when it comes down to it, Why on earth would I leave something with all the truth for something that has only part of the truth? It's like trading a perfectly good hamburger for one where the meat's been bitten out of, the lettuce is brown. Just not even comparable. But anyway, we had a lesson with church spies, I guess. They gave us some Bible chapters to read that were actually really good, and did nothing at all to convince us of what he wanted them to. 
Friday was pretty average, as far as teaching goes. We couldn't really invite many people to church, because it was stake conference in Searcy and Jacksonville, about 2 and a half hours away. We went out with Benjamin Montoya, the son of one of the hispanic families in the ward. For those of my friends who know him, he looks and acts like Dylan Kim, but less hyper. It's great. 
Saturday involved a lot of driving and stressing out. We left for Searcy at about 3 because there was a choir practice  before the meeting. Yes, me and Elder Diaz were part of the FIRST EVER Searcy Stake Choir! Granted, the stake formed a year ago, but still. We made history. The conference was great. It was very funny, we had a member of the Seventy there and he was doing a Q&A session. The microphone was handed to a lady, and it cut out as she started talking. Elder Thompson (the Seventy) said as a joke, "well, when that happens you know you weren't supposed to talk," Two words into his next sentence, his mike died. There was applause and laughter for a while with that one. #karmaprobs
 So we drove home and got there about 11. On the way home I made about ten phone calls to figure out how to get two of my missionaries to the meeting tomorrow. They live in a tiny town, and everyone who was going had gone the night before and were staying in hotels. So they texted to let us know they wouldn't be at churchtomorrow. Well, THAT'S not allowed. So the next morning we got up at 4:15 and drove up to get them and bring them to Jonesboro, where another member would pick them up. this meeting was also good. I was sitting up with the choir the whole time, next to Elder Mitchel, from Conway. We came back at 4ish, and went to try and see people agin. We had a new member lesson with Don, and he told us that one of his relatives is wanting to talk to us about the church. His teenage nephew went to his baptism and confirmation, and at church he grabbed one of the Gospel Principles books. (by the way, for anyone wanting an in depth summary of our beliefs, get one of those. Ask my parents or the missionaries for one. It's good.) But anyway, he has been using it to learn how to read, since he cannot. So him and his mom are both interested now. 
And that brings us to today! We spent from 10 to 3:30 helpiong an investigator close out her restaurant, taking out the tables and stuff. So we probably won't do anything fun today but email. So sorry I can't respond to all of you, but please keep in touch! I hope you have a wonderful week! Love you guys!!

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