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Monday, January 5, 2015

It's a "wet cold"

Yaayyyy happy new year and all that everybody! It's been a great week, good way to start off the last year of my mission.
oh yeah, random side note, but what on earth is going on with gas right now? It's like 1.93 or something. Weird. 
So anyway, the week:
Tuesday we had district meeting up in Paragould. President Wakolo came to interview all of us, and it was great. While we were waiting, me and Elder Brich had a 2 on 2 basketball game with Jasmine Wakolo, his 11 year old daughter and her friend. Wrecked 'em. Actually, it was a pretty close game, those two play ROUGH! Anyway, we had exchanges that day and I went with Elder Brich. He is a super chill guy, I love him. We saw a lot of people, and it was also freezing cold and windy. 
Wednesday we met up for lunch at Buffalo Wild wings (per Elder Brich's exchange tradition) and then went back to work. We found two AWESOME people, Ta. and Ti. Ta's mom had been taught by the missionaries, and Ti. is her cousin. They are both very interested. 
Then we had dinner at the S, and went home to have a New Years Party. Which consisted of Elder Diaz working on a 1000 piece puzzle while I sat around responding to letters. Neither of us realized what time it was until a bunch of people let off fireworks at 12:01. Yep. Super fun stuff. 
Thursday we woke up to balloons packed into our front door and presents for Elder Diaz, because it was his birthday! He is 24 now. We had a pretty good day. We tried to contact a former member because we had her scriptures in our house, but no dice. We had dinner with the Ys, who have four crazy/adorable kids. 
Friday was probably our slowest day. We didn't really see anybody. We tried, but I guess no one was home or something, because nobody answered. 
Saturday was a little better. We had dinner with D. at a chinese buffet place, and then taught him a bit. He has the feeling that there's some "standard" way to live a "mormon life." We explained that really there is no one way to do it. It's a standard Christian life. We told him to go to and watch the videos. There are seriously so many different people in this church, even though not all of them "look" like an LDS person. 
Sunday, there were a lot of people I didn't recognize, which is always a good thing! We had one investigator show up that we hadn't seen in weeks, which was a blessing! 

Well, that was about all this week. Hope y'all have fun going back to work and school and all that stuff. We are going to a rice factory to get a tour of it. No idea why, but the whole district is going, so yeah. BYEE!

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