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Monday, December 29, 2014

Ho, ho, Holy Cow, It's 2015!

So who decided that missions should go this fast? I mean, it's almost 2015! And that means I only have like a year left, and that means I'm halfway done with my mission, and that means... meh.

Anyway, it's been a great week! There wasn't a whole lot we were able to do. Tuesday we had district meeting in Paragould, which was ok except we were late because neither of us knew how long it took to get there. Wednesday was all right. We had the chance to see a few people, but they didn't let us in because of family/craziness like that. Elder Diaz called his parents, because in Hispanic countries the 24th is celebrated more than the 25th. Then we had dinner at the bishops house. He made Abelskeevers. For those of you who do not know what ableskeevers are, they are stuffed pancakes, basically. You need an abelskeever pan to make them though. Man, I love saying abelskeevers. :P
Anyway, so we did that, and then we helped the sisters deliver treats to members and investigators and go caroling, which was really fun! The one guy from last week tried getting in the church while we were finishing the plates, but he couldn't, so that was good. 
And then it was CHRISTMAS! We went and had breakfast at the Rougeau's house, then I called home at the montoya's. Man, gotta love doing that. Then we went to dinner at the Stevens house, she's this little old lady who isn't a member, but her son is. She has the missionaries over for dinner for all the major holidays, I guess. It was a BIG dinner, too. We were stuffed. And then after that we went to the ward mission leader's house to have dinner AGAIN. The sisters called home then, too, because Sister Hill's parents are in Mongolia, so she had to catch them in the morning over there. 
Friday it was back to work! We contacted some people we had found earlier, but they were leaving on vacations so we couldn't teach them. Saturday was better. We contacted a family whose son is a member. They are taking care of their grandchildren. They are SO nice. We caught them getting ready to leave, but they stopped to let us in and get to know us a little better. Their son had just left for Idaho (he came for Christmas) so it was a perfect time. They seem really open. We also had a good lesson with David, the paraplegic Elder Breckenridge referred us to. He is remembering a lot from when the missionaries were teaching him the last time, which is good. Sunday we had a mission farewell. Sister D. Montoya is off to the Salt Lake City Central Mission next week! She will be great, she is not afraid to stand up for things. Then we had dinner with the LaVetters, who my mom and her family know well, I guess. He grew up in Thatcher. Mom, he speaks very highly of you and your siblings, he says you were all very smart. 

That's about all for today! We have absolutely NOTHING planned for P-day, so it'll be pretty uneventful. But eh. It's all good. BYEE!

Llamado a Servir,
Andrew Reay

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  1. From Christi (Elder Reay's mom) I remember the LaVetter's and I keep telling my kids that the Gila Valley is everywhere!


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