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Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas, Amazing Biker Guys, and Sweater Ties.....

Merry Christmas, everybody! Yeah, a few days early, but hey, better early than late. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday
So I found out the holidays make it a little difficult to do a whole lot of actual teaching, what with everybody's family over and all that. Still, it's been a good week. Highlights: 
Monday: Went to TJMaxx and got a Christmas tie. It's one of those sock ties. It's awesome. 
Wednesday: had out last lesson with Don before his baptismal interview, which went perfectly. That man is so awesome, he just GETS it. Every time. 
Thursday: Elder Diaz stayed up until 5am to finish his model of the Memphis Temple, because we were going to Memphis that day. Still, he finished it. Here's how it looks: 
Inline image 1
Elder Diaz's AMAZING model of the temple
Yeah, President loved it. Zone conference was also really fun! We practiced sharing our message in a minute or less, had a talent show (wish I had video, Elder Reed was a standup comedian before his mission and he KILLED it) and watched The Saratov Approach. Then we got back home and played basketball with some members and their friends at the Church. Having gone the whole day on one hour of sleep, Elder Diaz was exhausted. 
Saturday: DON GOT BAPTIZED!!! It went very well. He brought his nephew, Isaac, who is a pretty cool guy. A lot of members came too, and Elder Diaz made this fruit punch stuff they have for Christmas in Guatemala that has about every kind of tropical fruit you can think of in it. It was pretty good though. Here's a picture! 
Inline image 2
Don's Baptism!!!

There was an interesting situation after the service. We were there with Don, talking about various stuff, and an ex-member came in to see what was going on. He got a little angry when he found out that Don just got baptized, and started to try convincing him we were not what we seemed to be, and this and that. Basically telling him a bunch of lies about our beliefs. Before w3e could say anything, Don told him, "Look, brother. I'm new to this. I know what you're doing. STOP. Go home, ok?" (man, he's just awesome.) Anyway, he stormed off, drove to the grocery store across the street, and waited. We thought he was going to try and follow Don home, in the which case Don threatened to give him "a Jesus meetin'." Not sure exactly what that means, but didn't want to ask. Anyway, he actually followed US home. He started yelling some not nice stuff at us, and so we told him to wait a minute and we'd answer his questions. We went inside, prayed for help, and when we came out, he was gone. So that was my interesting event for the week. 

Anyway, before I finish let me just say that Jesus is the Christ. He is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. I know that as we keep him in our mind and our heart all of this coming year, our lives will be blessed. To those of you reading who are not members of  my church, it is the same message to you. One of the things I have found on my mission is that many people do not think we are Christians. Let me just put it out there that we are. Christ is the center of our church, and all that we believe would not be possible without Him. 

Y'all have a merry Christmas, y'hear?

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