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Friday, September 5, 2014

An Actual Letter!!! "From Some Spanish Speaking White Guy" in Arkansas as the return address said

This is the text (with one mom comment) from the letter that Andrew sent this week:

Hola Familia!

So to start, sorry for not emailing.  We, as a district, decided our P-days were really boring, and so we went to thrift stores and flea markets.  It was all right, we found some random stuff.  I bought this antique key that they had in a bin of cheap antiques, and I'm going to tell everyone that asks that it opens the wardrobe to Narnia. :p (mom note: yes, he is still pretty nerdy and I didn't just make that up and that is one of the many reasons why we love him.) :)

We had a pretty good week! Lab results came back normal, which is good. Tuesday, at district meeting, Elder Fiso introduced "#goHAM" day.  "HAM" is an acronym that means "hard as a missionary."  We were challenged to talk with literally every last person we saw that day.  So, Wednesday became "#goHAM" day.  (hashtags are a bit of a fad in the mish right now.)  It was super hot, so there really wasn't anyone to #goHAM on.  However, when we did talk to people, what normally would be a doorstep conversation turned into a discussion indoors.  We found a lot of cool people.

Thursday was pretty normal, we went out with our newly married member friend, B. C. (he's from Alaska & got here in July, very much dislikes the weather.)  Friday, we got a lot of people to volleyball - have I even mentioned?  We play volleyball with the other missionaries and our Hispanic members/investigators. It's fun.  Saturday we went to one of the Conway 1st kid's baptism, and it was full!

Sunday was all right, not many people came to church.  The V. family is taking the temple prep classes though!

So, that's about what happened this week.  I hope everyone is having fun at school, and NOT having to go to Boy's Choir!  That must be really weird.  Hope to hear from everyone next week! I love y'all!

Elder Reay

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