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Monday, August 18, 2014

Where on earth did all these less actives come from?

Numbers wise, this was a pretty slow week. I mean, we went places and all that, but no one really listened for more than a minute. We did find this pretty cool lady named Veronica, a single mom of three whose only job is making food and then selling it. I have no idea how she's getting along, but I guess it's just mom magic. 
Our newly found member, Sara, wasn't able to come to church because her car key stopped working in the JCPenny parking lot and she had to wait for three hours. She is reading though, and will be there next week. 
So in our spare time when nobody including their dog is home (which is basically every afternoon) we decided to spend some time looking for some of the old investigators. We managed to catch a few, which is nice, but we also found one that is a bit of a mystery. We need a bit of help with this.
Here's the story: We met this lady, L. O., about a month ago. She said she had talked quite a bit with "the elders" (when they say that, you know they have) and we were welcome to come back anytime. We couldn't catch her for a while, and then we talked to her this week. As we talked, it turns out that Luz attended the branch back in the day, and knows most of the members. That surprised us. But when we got home, we found a record for a Luz, and it was attached to a record of someone named A. M., who was baptized in Texas- the place where L. says she got acquainted with the church. Then we talked to a member, and she said that L. was actually A., and that yes, she was baptized. So at this point we are not sure if her name is L. and she was baptized under the name A., or if she just lied about her name, or what. Either way, we have another old member to restore. 
Well, that's about all! Weather this week is supposed to go into the 100s right about the time we go on bike week! WHEE. 

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