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Monday, August 4, 2014

Missionary Moving Co.- Cheap, fairly quick and we don't break a lot of your stuff!

Well, another bike week has come and gone, and we seem to be getting very lucky. This week went down into the 70s and 80s again, which everyone says is super weird for summer. I'm just thankful that the Lord gives us tender mercies like that on bike weeks.
This week was kind of slow, but mostly because we couldn't go faster than about 15 miles an hour (but going down hills at full gears, I think I hit 30, that was exciting.) Bad news about Ricky. He has decided that while it would be awesome if we could go with him every Thursday to the book of Mormon reading class, He will not go to church with us because it would be "playing with God" to go to two churches. Our member, Brother Coy, asked him why he got baptized into our church if he isn't going to go, and he got kind of ticked and said "that is something between me and God." and that was the end of it. So grrrrrrr New Life. In the words of our mission leader, Bro. McKinney, "I can't see how people would believe in a church that is started by a MAN. They're trying to compete with Six Flags over there."

So as a result of transfers, we got a new sister and a new elder. Sister Clarke is from Tropic, UT (no idea where that is, either) and Elder Soelberg, also from utah. He will be going home for school a few weeks early, so we will have a solo zone leader for a bit. Stressful. Elder Wright is no longer here, and has moved to Pine Bluff, AR, with among the highest murder per capita rate in the nation. He is super excited. So yeah, that is my week! Hope everyone is having a good time getting ready for SCHOOL, and I will talk to you later!

P.S.  (after I (mom) asked for clarification:

Oh, yeah, hmm. Totally forgot about that. We didn't get in too many doors, but we did talk with a lot of people outside. That's the curse for bike week, it's normal. We met some people with potential, like this one guy who has a Mormon friend moving here from Mexico in a month, so we are hoping for some good fellowship there. We also met quite a few Jehovah's Witnesses, and quite frankly, I don't really get their beliefs.  Also, forgot to explain the title of the email. So there's a newly married old couple in our ward, The Nunleys, who needed help getting her stuff to his house. Naturally, we volunteered. So we got there and there were about three more people. And she had a LOT of stuff. We ended up going for 6 and a half hours, from 9 to 330. And Elder Dyorich hurt his back so we didn't go out the rest of the day.

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