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Monday, July 21, 2014

and y'all thought I would be jealous...

First off, Thank you for the letters, guys! I'd been having a bit of a rough day, so those were well-timed. However, I noticed a common theme of "bet you want our weather huh?" Well I will have you know that I preferred our weather this week. Apparently there was a huge dip in the jet stream from the Arctic, which brought temperatures here down to highs of 70 to 75 for most of the week.
So HA.

Anyhoo, this week was not the best. We were fine, but there seemed to be a rather large bout of the Shady Hispanic Ignorance Syndrome. Not very many people actually did what they said they would. I mean, we did get stuff done. We have a car again, we found some new people that we are going to see today, but the people we do have just aren't keeping commitments, or stopped caring, or stuff like that. We do have some good news though. On Sunday, we had a relative of one of the Hispanic members come to church on his own, sit through our Gospel Principles class, start reading the Book of Mormon when he stopped paying attention to class (not sure if that's better or not) and he told us he would be here for six months. So WOO! By the looks of things we may have a solid investigator without us having to find him. 

Speaking of being here for six months, I HAVE ALMOST BEEN OUT FOR SIX MONTHS. What in the frl;hkpatohdspi. This can't actually be right, can it? I'm already starting my fourth transfer next week. SPEAKING OF WHICH we have heard rumors (from a shady missionary, so we aren't positive) that Elder Dyorich is going to train! If he does, that means I am going to be changing addresses, so DONT SEND ANYTHING UNTIL I AM SURE WHAT'S GOING ON. That should be next week. 

Well, I think that's about it! Let me know who that Elder is, so I can ask around.

Llamado a Servir,
Andrew Reay

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