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Monday, June 2, 2014

Nayarit has a bunch of good landscapers

So this week has been pretty darn wet. It has been raining super hard up until yesterday. Now in most situations that would be miserable, but for us Spanish missionaries, it's totally bomb, because pretty much every single Hispanic man works in construction or lawncare, two professions that are kind of hard to do when it's pouring. so, we could find a bunch of people this week! there is a stretch of apartments we found with a grand total of about 20 guys from a tiny town in a tiny state of Mexico, Nayarit. They all got hired by this lawn company here, so they all have visas and everything. We have high hopes for them. Also, we FINALLY got some people to church yesterday, which was great. I have been teaching the Gospel Principles class in Spanish (too darn stressful but it's going) and it was nice to have more than just one member couple there. 
Speaking of the most awesome human beings on the face of the planet, I don't believe I have mentioned the V. family. The wife, M., is a convert of about six years. She is just plain awesome. She's in her forties, plays club soccer on the weekends, and goes teaching with us at least once a week. Also she knows every hispanic in Conway so she's great for referrals. Her husband, whom she just married a few months back, is a convert of about 10 months. He is by far the humblest man I have ever met. He is a straight incredible man. He works construction and also just plain works out so he is also extremely ripped. He is able to curl 70 pounds with one arm, and once beat a professional arm wrestler. but as he says, "that was back in my old life, when I was much different, not like today at all." Yeah, they are just awesome. and they have a reeeeally cute grandbaby that lives with them, named Abel. I will try to get a picture of him this week. 
Well, that's all I got! I will see y'all next time!

Elder Reay and Elder Davidson

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