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Monday, June 23, 2014

Companion #3, and this time he's not leaving!

Hello all! Sorry I couldn't do much last week, we were busy killing off Elder Davidson. Now that he's gone, back to business. My new Companion is Elder Dyorich, of Idaho Falls. He seems like a cool guy. He's newer in the mission, about a year old. Don't know him that well yet, but he seems like a fun guy. 

So! as far as the mission goes: President will be leaving in about two weeks. That may or may not throw the mission into a shambles, but probably not. To bring up some points from last week, we found a less-active family who started coming to church now that they know where the building is. (I know right?) We started up volleyball games with the hispanics on Friday nights, and they have been pretty successful. 

I also found this shirt on clearance when Davidson was buying civilian clothes, and it's awesome. They love it a lot.
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Well, not much else is going on here. It got hot enough outside to where I could wring my shirt out and that was nasty, but we have a car now, so it's all good. I hope all y'all Arizonans aren't baking out there. 

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So I got a nice picture of Elder Davidson, finally.

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 ...and we think this would make a good Nike ad.

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Here are Elder Wells and Fiso, the English Elders.

DAD, THIS IS WEIRD!  OK, so there's an Elder here, Elder Reed, who kinda looks a lot like you as a kid.  
(Note from Dad: You've got a point.)
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